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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

As he and the other two finalists get ready to leave for the final tribal council, Ozzy says that he has "pride," and he's representing Mexico. (Mexico: "What?") He thinks he has "broken a lot of stereotypes." He also says that he's "a surfer up against two lawyers," and it was right there when I started to figure Ozzy was going to win. That's a jury-friendly argument right there. He says he's hoping his actions will "speak for themselves." He's just hoping his dream will "take a step into reality." I think we could all stand to do that, frankly.

Tribal council. Bring in the final jury! Brad. Rebecca. Jenny. Nate (still hobbling). Candice. Jonathan. Parvati. Adam. Sundra. Sundra looks incredibly shiny, like she was just sprayed with baby oil. Jeff gives his speech again about how the jury has all the power now. Everybody gets to make an opening statement, and then we will have questions. ("YOU SUCK!")

Yul makes his opening statement. He says that he "wanted to play a certain way," and then his argument for himself is basically that he thinks he did more than anyone to affect the overall course of the game. I think that maybe, of these three people, that's right, but the single decision that changed this entire season, of course, was Jonathan's. Yul essentially argues that he brought an entire alliance to F4 and F3. He thinks it's not coincidental that his alliances have tended to have power -- he thinks his play has something to do with that. He also doesn't deny that he had to do some lying and manipulating to get himself to where he needed to be. He adds, however, that he was loyal to those who were loyal to him, and that he'd appreciate a vote. For once, he doesn't try too hard and paint himself into any horrible corners. He sidesteps quite a few land mines, and probably strikes about the right balance between taking credit/blame for what everybody knows he did, and not sucking up in an unseemly fashion as if he's sorry for things everyone knows he does not actually regret.

Becky is next. She says she knew she wouldn't be strongest, so she knew it would be a "social game" for her, and she formed the alliances she did very carefully. She says she thinks she was fair and honest, and was "true to [her] character." She's dead meat.

Ozzy says that he was "the underdog" all along, and that his position was very tenuous, but that he just kept going. He stresses that he provided for people, and he won challenges. He also says he never hid his light under a bushel -- he "embraced" all the parts of the game. That's a decent argument for himself, all things considered.

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