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Jenny steps up next. She asks Yul what's more important -- physical or "strategical" stuff. Yul says that, for him, it was strategy. Furthermore, he was happy to have Ozzy look like an enormous target by being the physical powerhouse that he was. Yul says the ultimate outcome is that his whole group made F4, so what's not to like about that?

Parvati congratulates the F3 and directs her question to "Beckers." Oh, shut up. She talks about Becky declining the idol, but adds, however, that Becky's "sitting between giants," so why should she win? Becky says that she wouldn't have been "proud" if she had taken the idol, and that she's "not a sneaky person." She says she wants to win in a way she's proud of. I'm not sure she answered the question even a little bit. You should win because you're not sneaky? You're going to make this argument to Parvati?

Rebecca directs her remarks to Yul and Ozzy. She explains that she's torn between the two of them. Yul was strategically dominant; Ozzy was physically dominant. Rebecca wants each of them to tell her something she doesn't know that will help her make up her mind. Yul decides to go with the social angle, saying that one of the reasons he wanted to be on the show was underrepresentation of minorities in media, and that they were mostly caricatures. He wanted people to see Asian-American men as they are, and if he wins, he wants to be a spokesperson for greater representation. Ozzy is in a very difficult position, and he elects to go with the flow. I don't think this is what he would have said, but it's not like he can say, "Frankly, I do not care what people think about minorities, but I want you to know I washed your shirt this one time." He says he also wants to change stereotypes of Mexicans. He thinks that by dominating in many ways, he's changing the understanding of what is to be a Mexican." He, too, promises to be a positive role model for kids and "change the world a little bit." I don't think that helped much.

Adam gets up and says that he thinks the Aitu four are "painfully boring" at tribal council, so he wants them to "get to the point." Specifically, he orders Ozzy to "talk trash" about Yul and Becky. This struck me as really fucked-up and ugly. "I'll give you my vote if you shit-talk your friends." That's just...what's his point? Is he this desperate to destroy people's friendships just because he isn't included? Is that the problem? Yul laughs hysterically, and I think he's assuming Adam is just being a dork, but I really found this very uncomfortable, like bullies who try to turn one nerd on another because they can't stand people having friendships that are more abiding than the ones they have. Ozzy chooses to say that Yul "didn't work as hard as he could" at times; Becky was "riding on coattails," and Ozzy also calls her out on the fire-making. But really, it's not very much "trash." I was glad Ozzy didn't bite. Adam, on the other hand, bites a lot.

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