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Candice's question is for Yul. She tells him that, when he's asked questions, she thinks he dances around and tries not to answer, so she's going to ask him a yes or no question, and if he says anything other than "yes" or "no," she won't vote for him. Ugh. I really can't stand her. Yul good-naturedly agrees. Here is her question: "My impression is that you have been shamelessly working this jury. Is that true?" Of course, as could have been suspected, it's a trick question, because if he agrees that he's working the jury but doesn't feel like it's "shameless," then there's no answer that will please her, and if he follows her instructions, he can't clarify that yes, he worked the jury, but no, he doesn't feel it was shameless. Basically, Candice is offering Yul two things and making him either agree with both or deny both. It's a totally unfair question, which is how she's designed it. Candice is a horrible social bully, as seen with her famous "you're a rat and nobody likes you" bullshit, and all she's trying to do here is amuse her friends on the jury and be able to say later that she outsmarted Yul, who is smarter than she is, so what's the point? Well, the point is making yourself feel briefly better, as it so often is. Yul thinks and thinks about his answer, and then he says, "Yes." Because he followed her rules and didn't give her the opportunity to slam him, she decides to slam him some more, by sarcastically saying, "Thank you -- that was tough for you, I know." Because it sounds like she's continuing to talk to him and she pauses like he's supposed to answer, Yul tells her, "Well, 'shamelessly' is --" And she's all, "No, no!" And then she makes with the princessy and displeased face, saying that Yul "broke the rules," so now maybe he won't get the money. Seriously, she is about two inches from saying, "My question is that I'm going to sit here and accuse you of twenty false things in a row, and you can't defend yourself, and if you do, I won't vote for you." I hate her. HATE. I mean, I didn't hear the part where she said he couldn't speak ever again, as opposed to providing a yes or no answer to the question. She specifically conversed with him about the fact that he had difficulty answering the question, and because she seemed to have brought it up, he started to explain why. She's just...well, as stated, she's a terrible bully.

Brad is next. He congratulates everyone, and then tells Ozzy that he barely knows him, and wants to know what the most challenging experience of Ozzy's life was. Ozzy says that it was his non-relationship with his father, who "can't be around," so Ozzy has had to make all the effort to know his family in Mexico. He starts to cry, and it's all very moving, but it feels kind of artificial. Becky and Yul reach over to pat him on the shoulder. I was disappointed that Brad asked that, because it sets up that Queen For A Day contest in which you don't win if you haven't had enough bad things happen to you. Having bad things happen to you does not mean you are a superior person, of course, which is what I don't like about this.

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