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Sundra gets up and is very happy. She asks the finalists what they've discovered about themselves or life in general. Ozzy says "pure love." He says that there's nothing but your mind, soul, and body, and Mother Nature, and unconditional love, and loving and sharing, and even though he says he doesn't want to sound like a hippie, he exactly does. Becky is next, and she says that when she first got here, she kept asking what time it was, because she's very wedded to time and schedules, and being free of that was really something. Surprisingly, Yul says that what he learned is self-confidence. It's kind of hard to look at that dude and think that he frequently doubts himself...unless you've known a lot of guys who were nerds when they were younger, in which case it's not hard at all. Jonathan looks like he cannot believe it, but I personally do believe it. Yul says that he had a lot of "anxieties" about all this, and that he believes in himself more now. Sundra says that it was great to play with them, and she loves them. And she wishes them good luck.

And now, Jonathan. He stands up and congratulates the group, and then starts his questions with Yul. He calls him "brilliant" and very "polite," but then points out that "polite" is related to "politic." He says, in fact, that maybe Yul will run for office one day. And then his voice starts to get really bitter as he wants to know, on behalf of future constituents, how it's consistent with Yul's integrity to tell "half-truths, which are also half-lies." It's very...odd. It caught me off-guard when I first heard it, definitely. But here's Yul's answer, which is so good that I have to quote the whole thing: "I think what you've said is absolutely true. I've done a lot of deceiving in this game, a lot of manipulation, but...Survivor is a game, obviously. Everyone here came into the game knowing what the game was about. If I was outside this game, I would never do this to unsuspecting people. Look, I have the ability and I have the technique to manipulate people, but if you look at the overall game, I've stayed true to the original people that I made alliances with. Anyway, I hope that answers your question." Yul's just awesome. They never get that guy on this show. This is why I'm never against recruitment of contestants. What you get if you use only people who actively apply is a combination made up only of people who decide to go out and apply for Survivor. They got Yul because they went beyond that to people who probably don't think of themselves as people who would want to be on Survivor unless it sort of falls on them. It's a myth that if you don't recruit, and you use only applicants, you get awesome and down-to-earth people. If you don't recruit and you use only applicants, what you get is people who desperately want to be on television, which does not foster "diversity," ethnic or any other kind. Now, Jonathan turns to Ozzy, telling him that he's obviously capable of superhuman feats in challenges. He's "extraordinarily talented" in those things. But occasionally, Jonathan has found Ozzy entitled and arrogant. Me too. Jonathan's not sure he wants to give a million bucks to "a twenty-five-year-old kid" he thinks has entitlement issues. Frankly, I think the age thing is irrelevant and the entitlement issues are the bigger problem, but okay. Jonathan wants to hear how giving Ozzy the money will make Ozzy a better person and make the world better. Ozzy says that if he had a million dollars, he'd go back to school. He says that he'd love to "try and change the world for the better." Jonathan sits down. That was a BS answer, but I think it's about what he was expecting.

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