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The Aitu four have a chat about the fact that Adam is lying down in the shelter. Ozzy notes that Adam has apparently "given up." They have vanquished the himbo, all right. Sundra says that the membes of her group are happy with the progress of things so far, given their status as "underdogs" and so forth. But of course, they've never talked about what the hell they would do after they got themselves to F4. I secretly suspect that, for an alliance like this to work, you kind of have to not discuss it. You have to be so disciplined that you just let it go, because everybody benefits if nobody starts maneuvering independently. It's a delicate apple cart; when it's working well, upsetting it is risky. Sundra says that the time has come to "think individually," and you can tell this makes her kind of sad, as it does me. End of an era! See you next summer! Pass me a burnt marshmallow! U R 2 good 2 B 4-gotten! She says that there may be "hurt feelings, but that's the game." As the other three watch Ozzy get a coconut out of a tree, Becky tells us that they've gotten where they are by sticking together. She, however, is concerned about the Ozzy Challenge Monster factor and the way he has become some kind of island Fonzie, catching fish by snapping his fingers. In an interview, Ozzy acknowledges that once it's the four of them, he's "a huge threat," so he knows he's going to be in danger. For that reason, he's going to need to keep on winning immunity. From both of them, it's an appealingly dispassionate analysis of the situation.

All five who remain go to fetch the treemail, which includes a prop spider web on a frame. Adam proudly identifies it as such, meaning he has earned his Be A Smart Cookie merit badge. The clue suggests something about compass points, and also suggests a variety of physical challenges. "Sounds like another one for Ozzy's Ozzy's to lose," says Yul as Ozzy celebrates this very news. It's very unsettling how mature they are about this. "Let's go stretch," Sundra suggests. Heh. Becky says that she's nervous about this challenge, because if Adam were to win, then the Aitu four would not make it to the end. The four have a little meeting where they all hold hands and talk about their "vision" of being at the end together. It's like they're having a very tiny Reach Your Potential seminar. Adam says, "It's extremely important for me to win this one." He has accurately ascertained his position, I think. He insists, of course, that he's determined to "put up a fight." In honor of Candice! Or maybe Parvati! As they walk off toward the challenge, Adam is kind of hangdogging it at the back of the pack, like he already feels defeated. I notice at this point that he is extremely tall. I can't believe he appeared in anything with Eric Nies, whom I would think he would dwarf completely. Maybe I just think of Eric as short because of his personality.

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