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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

Back at camp, Ozzy tells us that he feels really good about winning the challenge. "Now, the competition is ourselves," he says. He says that he sees Yul as the biggest competition. He just wants to win two more immunities and get his spot in F2. The Aitu four are chatting, and Yul is partly just happy that there are only two nights left. Yul tells us that he's very glad the Aitu four are going to be the final four, and he's also glad he has the Idol Formerly Known As Hidden, because that should get him to F3. "I have maneuvered myself into a very good position," he says. He's hoping things won't get "ugly." "Guys, congratulations," Yul tells the Aitus. "Finally did it." "Black, brown, and yellow power!" Sundra says, with a sort of sarcastic "fuck Mark Burnett, but nevertheless" kind of attitude, which is basically how I feel about it also. Adam rests in the shelter. He tells us in an interview that Yul is "in control of the game." Struggling to make himself feel like he did something of value here, he says he'd like to get the idol away from Yul "just to stir it up" as he's on his way out. So he likes Yul, but not as much as he likes feeling important.

So, as Yul, Becky, and Sundra sun themselves elsewhere, Adam approaches Ozzy and asks him what he thinks about getting rid of the idol as Adam is leaving. Basically, Adam's plan is that he, Ozzy, and Sundra would vote for Yul. Meanwhile, Yul and Becky would vote for Adam. So Adam would still go home, and Yul would lose the idol, and they'd all go into F4 even. It's actually...well, it's something they should, in theory, consider. It would seem to be difficult for Yul even to argue they shouldn't do it -- why shouldn't they all go in on even ground? Isn't that the most "fair" thing? Ozzy is very noncommittal, and in an interview, he refers to this as an instance of "weird thoughts" coming out in camp. Of course, he's in a tricky spot, because he's already a target, and if he makes trouble, then if he fails to win what he assumes are the next two immunities, he won't stand a chance even more. Later, Adam floats this same plan with Sundra, telling her, "I'm going home, but I'll stir it up." Sundra admits in an interview that she's conflicted, in a way, about how hard it will be to get past Yul to F2. It feels, though, like it's plucked from an interview in which it's entirely a qualifier -- "Sure, I feel conflicted, but I'm not voting against Yul." Adam tells us he's interested in whether this "last-ditch effort" will work. "Who knows what's in store?" he wonders. Oh, I think I know, at least in the short term.

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