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The Finish That Was Weirdly Satisfying

When we get back from commercials, it is Night 37 at Aitutonga. The tribe is returning, and they are, of course, ridiculously happy about making it to F4 together. They are literally hooting and hollering as they return to camp. It's one great big lovefest, and Sundra talks in an interview about how their successes together are just awesome for her: "We managed to eliminate eight Raro members." And...I have to agree with her that, when you put it that way, it does sound pretty good. It's not easy to bump off eight consecutive people without losing one of yours. The Pagonging that Pagonging was originally named for involved four people bumping off six people, not eight, so even Hatch didn't really do this, and he didn't operate in an environment where it was clearly, obviously four on six almost the entire time. (Yeah, there are some differences, when the merge was, blah blah -- go with me here.) Anyway, they all just kind of keep yelling and moaning and grunting with joy, and it's pretty funny, because you can tell that some of these people have really been holding on tight to their emotions, and this is just a huge moment of cathartic release for them. Yul chooses this moment to note in an interview that the winner is going to be a minority community member. He can't help noticing and pointing out that this really powerful group is made up of a mix of folks from the different minority tribes. You can tell as he says it that he knows it's almost too obvious and corny, but that he thinks it should be said anyway, because it happens to be true. He smiles a little wryly as he calls their success "a great morality tale." He is so cute, because he knows how dopey it is, but he feels obligated to go with it.

Aitutonga, Day 38. Ozzy tells us that he got up before dawn, noticing that it's his second to last morning -- or maybe even his last. He says he wanted "to relish the experience," adding that getting this far is "a feat," and that he wanted to "enjoy this beautiful sunrise." Becky and Yul bring back the day's treemail, as Ozzy and Sundra bring back the morning coconuts. Yul sits down to read the treemail, with Becky and Sundra next to him and Ozzy standing next to Becky. They're all really happy when Yul says that they're all going together to the March of Dead Survivors. You'll recall that is often a treat reserved only for the F3, so they're thrilled that they can all enjoy it together. While the rest of us enjoy a tasty beverage or make a phone call. ["Set up the ironing board, yo." -- Wing Chun] Sundra almost cries. It's really interesting: these people have a serious, no-shit bond. You can tell from their reactions to this -- the way Becky reaches out her hand and puts it around Ozzy's knee, and the way Sundra puts her hand on Yul's shoulder. But at the end, Yul reads about following the path to the "final immunity challenge," and it's like he can hear the record scratch and nobody else does at first. Because...there are four people left. Why is there only one immunity challenge? As Yul explains, this threw everyone for a bit of a loop. They all share a group hug. Again in an interview, Becky talks about how happy they were to get to share this whole experience together. I'm surprised they feel so attached to this particular ritual, but they obviously are sincere. They all paddle off toward the appointed island.

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