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Later, Danni and Steph talk about how much they owe to each other and so forth, and Steph basically tells Danni not to feel sorry for her, because she and Rafe were idiots for not taking Lydia in the first place. I think that if you read between the lines, she's really saying that Rafe is an idiot for screwing up the planned Rafe/Steph F2 by being unwilling to boot Danni instead of Lydia. Danni coyly argues that she doesn't probably have a chance to win against either of them. I think that has to be somewhat phony, because she has to know how pissed off Judd and Jamie were, at the very least. But Danni insists that Rafe is liked by everyone, and that Steph is tight with her alliance. Steph interviews that she sees her odds as 50/50, and says that, if she loses, she loses, but she thinks she played as well as she possibly could have, which I think is...largely true. Back around the fire, Steph tells Danni in what I sure hope is an impressive bout of reverse psychology to "go with [her] heart." Danni, you can tell, is wishing for a better answer. In an interview, she says she's conflicted, because for someone who's "here to win," it's hard to know what to do. She claims she won't know what she's doing until she gets there.

Night. The moon. Maya gods, all angry and chickenless. Jeff "Pretty Fly For An REI Guy" Probst. The most interesting thing about the bringing in of the jury is the huge smile that Lydia exchanges with the rest of the group. There is clearly enormous affection for her, and she doesn't look the slightest bit bitter. In fact, Danni looks at her a little mischievously, like the two of them are about to get caught talking in math class. Unacceptable! There can be no levity! Jeff welcomes the final three, and then, as he enjoys doing, he berates them for voting out Lydia -- "the weakest." It's nice how Jeff just steps right up and lectures about the complete lack of merit to Lydia's being. Stumpy legs, weakest player...he could save a lot of time if he just spit on her directly. Jeff asks the F3 whether they have any regrets "looking at Lydia over there." In other words, "LOOK AT HER! SHE'S USELESS!" Lydia puts up her hands in mock helplessness. Steph goes the diplomatic route (though not so much toward Danni) by saying that it could have been a mental challenge, after all. It's a nice effort, even if completely unbelievable. Jeff calls her out for it, saying that "in 95% of the challenges," Lydia would never be in it. Ptooey! Steph explains that all she could have done by voting against Danni was a tie, since Rafe wouldn't vote for Danni. In response to the way Jeff asked the question, I think, Steph goes on to say that it's good to compete against the best, and then if they beat you, you lose fair and square. I'm not sure I really believe that Steph would find it unsatisfying to beat Lydia out of a million bucks, but Jeff is being so stupid that lying to him doesn't especially bother me.

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