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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Asked for her opinion, Danni expresses unending shock, calling her situation a "fluke miracle." I'm not sure miracles can be flukes, there, Danni. I think actual miracles are worked rather intentionally, and your deity of choice, however It may feel about sharing food, probably wouldn't appreciate having Its work passed off as randomness. Jeff asks Steph about her emotional display at the challenge, and Steph says that she worked her hardest and still felt like she'd failed. Now, Jeff explores with Rafe what it was he said to Danni right after the challenge was over. Rafe repeats that Danni had promised him F2, but says that he released her from that obligation. Over on the jury, Judd scowls with disgust. Jeff asks Rafe why he would do such a thing. Rafe doesn't give the true answer, which is, "I assume she will take me anyway, and this way, I get to congratulate myself on being a bigger martyr than everyone else and feel incredibly superior." Instead, he says that he just wanted Danni to decide who she thought was "worthy." Jeff asks Danni about the decision she's facing. "Pick the right person, you're a millionaire. Pick the wrong person, you're $900,000 not as rich," he says, both lying and mangling the language at he same time. He should run for president. Danni says that, with this decision, you can come up with arguments on both sides all day. Which, with Steph and Rafe, is mostly true. I would want to vote against Steph for being snotty and against Rafe for being insufferable, so I'm not sure how I'd resolve that, either as a voter or as Danni. I suspect that Steph is the better choice. She's a more controversial personality, and there are a few guys on that jury I'd bet would rather die than see a woman they perceive as having bested them walk away with a million dollars.

Jeff asks for "one reason" picking Rafe would be the right thing to do. Danni says that, post-merge, Rafe has been "an awesome friend," and that he's helped her in the game. Asked why Steph might be a good choice, Danni points out that Steph might be a good F2 partner, because a lot of the people on the jury are mad at her. At this, Bobby Jon reaches his hand over his shoulder to tickle the hand of Jamie, sitting behind him. That was really, really weird. And then they do some sort of twee secret handshake, like they're Ross and Brad Pitt in the I Hate Rachel Club. Jeff asks Stephenie what she thinks of all this. Steph says that if Danni goes with her heart, she'll pick Rafe, but that if she wants the best shot at winning, she'll go with Steph. "So she's got a pretty tough decision to make," Steph says. Jeff then asks Rafe for his thoughts, and Rafe says it's good to hear Danni say that if she goes with her heart, she'll choose Rafe, because Danni has played with her heart all along up until now. Which isn't true, of course, or she wouldn't be here. You don't get to F3 by voting with your heart. Furthermore, Danni didn't say that, at least that we know of. Steph said it. Danni was merely asked for some of the reasons behind the possible options, not all of the reasons. Danni has never said on-camera that Rafe is more deserving while Steph is strategically better. Not that this seems to upset Rafe.

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