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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Jeff explains that the only person who will be voting is Danni, because Rafe and Steph will cancel each other out. Danni gets up to go and vote. Danni lifts the pen. Dramatic! Jeff says he'll "go get the vote." None of this tallying! Jeff returns and unfolds the single vote in his hands. And it's for...Rafe. Rafe hugs Danni and Steph and goes to get his torch snuffed. He wishes Steph and Danni good luck and walks off on his own. So...Steph and Danni. "Well, Danni," Jeff says, "you clearly made your decision. You kept the person you think you have the best chance of winning against. The only thing left to do is see if you are right." I love how Jeff can take perfectly normal game play and make it sound like something you're supposed to be embarrassed about, like, "Danni, clearly, you have chosen to try to win. I hope you can live with yourself."

In his exit interview, Rafe uses the words "proud of myself" (not surprising), and as you might expect, he basically says that he was very, very awesome. "I stayed true to my moral compass," he self-congratulates. "I betrayed people when I thought I should." Ha ha ha! That's awesome: "I am very moral, because I only betrayed people when it was necessary." He goes on with this: "Danni, I understand the decision you made. I thought you were the one person who would take me to the final two and you didn't, so Stephenie, I'm absolutely rooting for you, I think you played a great game, and I'll be voting for you tomorrow night." In other words, when he told Danni to do what she thought was best, and when he talked about how Steph should get a shot based on her awesome showing at the final challenge, he didn't mean to imply that he wouldn't punish Danni by voting against her if she dared to actually put into practice what he was suggesting and not take him to F2. He certainly did turn into a sanctimonious disappointment in the last two episodes. That really depresses me.

The following day, Steph and Danni are the only ones left, except for Howlie, who is still being very, very noisy. Steph points out the not-so-meaningful fact that she and Danni the final two, and on the tribe flag, both of their names yellow. Not sure what that's supposed to mean, but then, if you're superstitious enough to think rain comes from what you eat, anything is possible. Steph and Danni grin at each other. Steph interviews that they woke up on their last day with big smiles, because it was their last night sleeping out here in the jungle. She talks about how big a target she had on her coming into the game, and she, too, is proud of herself for how she's done. Danni and Steph walk out to the pool, and Danni interviews that she and Steph are really very much alike, and it's funny that the two jock girls ended up as the final two over all the boys. Fortunately, this is interrupted before it turns into a "smart women are adorable" thing. For her part, Steph says that much of the game is "mind over matter," and that "if you're not strong-minded, you'll just collapse." And this time, she really means it when she says that now, nothing will stand in her way. Now, she can do anything. Really! She's not a big old loser anymore. Her life is redeemed! Yay!

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