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In Steph's opening statement, she thanks the jury for the experience she had, and says she really didn't think she'd get past the first tribal council. She says that there are people she knows are upset with her, and that she hopes to make them feel better. "I will be as honest as I have ever been," she says, not saying quite as much as she thinks, what with using herself as her own barometer. Jeff says that the jury will now have a moment to consider what they'd like to say.

When we return, it is time for the jury to ask questions. Bobby Jon, in a most un-Bobby Jon-like orange button-down shirt, starts by telling Steph and Danni that nobody can take anything away from their accomplishment in getting to F2. He also thanks Steph for his spot on the jury, which he knows she had a lot to do with. He opens the actual questioning by asking Steph whether she's proud of the way she played the game. She says that she came into the game with a target on her back ("just like you did," she wisely adds), and while she knows that she made a couple of people angry with the way she got them out, she has no regrets, wouldn't change anything, and is proud of her game. Bobby Jon seems politely satisfied. He then asks Danni whether she's proud of the way she played. She hesitates a little bit, but she says that she, too, is proud. She says she's surprised at her good showing, and still just grateful to be here. She reminds Bobby Jon of their past together by saying that her only regret is that their tribe didn't win more immunity challenges so that, at the merge, they would have had the advantage. That's all Bobby Jon has. Hey, where's the bile? It's like he doesn't mind losing. The hell?

Gary announces first off that he thinks the game will come down to who gives the most honest answers. At least, that's how he'll be casting his vote -- "Straight up, no garbage." He starts with Steph, asking her why he shouldn't vote for her. Steph thinks for a minute, and then says that she did, after all, make an alliance with him on the first day, and she ultimately had to make a new alliance when the tribes switched and voted Gary off after the merge, so that might be a reason. Gary directs the same question to Danni. She admits that she, too, had an alliance with Gary, but was also putting together an alliance with Rafe the entire time. She says that this might have been "wrong" of her. She says she "made a selfish move at that point." She goes on to say that, in her normal life, she's never selfish, but "in this game, you have to be, at times." Danni is definitely better at acting like she's sorry for playing hard than Stephenie is. I'm never sure how I feel about that, because it's so circular: if you know you have to make apologies you shouldn't have to make in order to please the jury, then making them is good play, and failing to make them is bad play that goes back to justifying the fact that you don't win, you know? Anyway, Gary sits down, and I guess his lack of bile is to be expected.

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