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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Jeff tells Steph and Danni that he doesn't think they could have asked for more from the jury. In other words, "Nobody said 'My question is I WANT AN APOLOGY' or 'My question is YOU SUCK.'" Jeff tells Steph and Danni that they have a couple of minutes to think about what they're going to say.

And then we are back, and Jeff is telling them to go with their closings. Steph goes first, thanking the jury first and then moving into her argument. She talks about how hard the game is, and how it brings out people's worst qualities. She apologizes (boo!) for hurting people, and then she says that she came in with a plan to align herself with great people and be calm and composed and on the right side of the numbers game. She also hints fairly strongly that they need to keep in mind that she may have looked like the leader, but that others were equally to blame. For her part, Danni says that she went into the merge with no reason to believe that she had any hope, so she claims to have sat back and noted that Steph and Rafe were the ones in charge, and, she claims, are the reason all the jurors are on the jury. Of course, Steph isn't the reason Rafe is on the jury, and Steph isn't the reason Lydia is on the jury, and Steph isn't really the reason Judd is on the jury, or the reason Cindy is on the jury, or the reason Jamie is on the jury. It's a better argument as to Rafe than as to Steph, who didn't actually do as much steering as it seemed like she was doing. Danni says that she bonded with Rafe and Steph, and that's basically how she saved herself. She asks for votes.

Tonight, you vote for the person you want to win. Bobby Jon votes. Gary votes. Judd votes, ruining his menacing whisper by spelling Danni's name "Dani." Tool. Cindy votes. Lydia votes. Rafe votes. "This game is about who you are," he says. "Your character is your strategy." He votes for Steph, and WHAT BULLSHIT. Why can't he make a single move that isn't about proving that other people's character is inferior to his own? He can go away anytime. Jamie votes.

Of course, when Jeff gets the votes, this is the part where he has to explain that they won't be opened until we're back in the United States and so forth. And then Jeff goes off in a helicopter, as he is wont to do in this cheesy ritual we have now come to expect. The helicopter flies, and then...we are at the historic ruins of CBS Television City in Hollywood, where a large crowd has gathered for the finale. Jeff takes forever to make his way to his perch, to the point where I am seriously dying of boredom, here. Steph and Danni patiently wait on stage, both wearing too much makeup, and with the big hair and everything. Jeff finally starts talking, reminding them that if they should win, they will get not only a million dollars, but also one of the Pontiac Torrents Cindy didn't give away.

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