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Lydia goes to collect the treemail for the morning, and as soon as she reads it, she says to herself, "Oh, this is a good one!" She bounds up toward camp, singing, dancing, and carrying on, to the point where the others can hear her Tasmanian Devil routine and assume that she must be bringing back a giant load of food or something. They all run down to meet her. "This better be good, Lydia," Steph says, probably having been burned before, and Lydia insists that it is. She reads it to the group, and basically, it's the customary cultural-awareness clue that says, "We are going to get serious about pretending we care about the ancient ruins. The End." But because it has all this stuff about how they should "appreciate" being part of history, Lydia has concluded that perhaps some kind of a celebration is going to follow. In other words, Lydia has picked up "the class will be going to the library for a filmstrip" and she has said to herself, "Yay! Chuck E. Cheese!" "We're going to celebrate!" she says to the tribe. And then there's this...silence. And Rafe leans over and says, "Wait, but does it say 'celebrate' anywhere?" It's really one of those things much funnier than anything you could write, because the rest of the tribe isn't being snotty toward her, they're just annoyed, because this is how Lydia is, and they all know it, not that they're not irritated by it. She does tend to get all wound up and excited about things that...aren't. The rest of them all bust out laughing as Lydia sputters to explain how this must be some sort of big deal that they're getting. They all double over as she goes on, like, "You guys don't understand my language!" I think they probably don't, because it has a lot of mental umlauts. As goofy as the premise of it is, and as much as I don't like the slightly meta quality of the show admitting that the cultural-sensitivity clue is a big letdown, this whole exchange is really one of the few examples we've had in recent seasons of everyone liking each other, everyone having a sense of humor, and everyone having a good time. "Who decided to keep her around?" Steph asks about Lydia when she can stand up again. Lydia tells us that she was certain it would be a feast, but that she also thought maybe the Maya would come to camp for a ritual. What kind of a ritual? Well...I don't want to spoil the surprise, but let's just say "mesquite-grilled."

And come they do. As Steph explains, a family, made up of two women and three men, came to camp, and they brought baskets of things and incense. The Maya go over to the pyramid and start to build a fire with various items, topped off with a bunch of rosemary and a whole container of honey. Steph is like, "Uh, bless these ingredients. I mean, items." The ritual begins, and it includes chanting, as well as the eventual production of a live chicken. Steph's first thought, as she describes it, is, "Oh. Are we going to get to eat that chicken?" Rafe takes over the story at this point, saying that Steph was wondering if they were going to kill it, and says he told her he was fairly certain this was going to be a sacrifice. In other words, not a good day to be a chicken. We watch a little more of the ritual, and Rafe says the next thing that happened was that the Maya revelers pulled off the chicken's head and threw it in the fire. At which point Steph asked Rafe whether they killed the chicken. He reports that he told her that, what with its head just having been tossed into the fire, the chicken probably was pretty much done for. As the chicken cooks on the fire, Rafe talks about how much he got out of the experience of observing the ritual. One of the guys comes around with a bowl for the group to sip from, and Lydia explains that because her heritage is Latin, she felt "kinship" with the visitors. And...really? Not with the chicken? Because I'm quite confident that, of the F4, Lydia is the one with the best chicken impression. Lydia adds that there was some food, in the form of tamales, for which Steph asks whether it's okay to say "gracias." Lydia says that it is.

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