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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Later, at camp, they all lounge around and talk about how "serious" the challenge was. Steph congratulates Rafe on how well he did, and Rafe tells us that, at this point, he feels like he actually has a chance at winning. He and Steph have a chat in which she tells him, "I really want to go to the final two with you." He agrees. You might think they're just being warm in that I-never-want-to-leave-summer-camp way, but Steph actually explains in an interview that she and Rafe have screwed exactly the same people in exactly the same way. So her reasoning is that he's the only one she has a chance of beating, so her plan is to go to F2 with Rafe. She also notes that, if they were to keep Lydia and boot Danni, they could almost guarantee they'd be F2. After all, Lydia isn't going to win the F3 endurance challenge, so if Rafe and Steph know they'd take each other, then that would pretty much be that. Steph is entirely right, of course, but Rafe tells us that when Steph told him this, there was a problem, which was that he had promised Danni he would take her as far as F3. Rafe and Danni talk, and Danni says she doesn't expect him to take her to F2 with her, because that wasn't their deal -- only F3. Danni tells us in an interview that in spite of what Rafe and she had agreed, she still feels very uncertain because know, how the game is played and the obvious reasons to vote her off instead of Lydia and so forth. Rafe gives Danni a little speech about how much he likes her and stuff. Rafe is very affirming, provided you don't make him feel disappointed in you.

And then talk turns to food. They don't have any more corn, it sounds like. It happens to be Rafe who first says, in this context, "Is that...chicken carcass still over there, probably?" Steph's eyebrows, which have waited a lifetime for a moment like this, leap as she's like, "Want to check it out?" Rafe chuckles uncomfortably, despite the fact that he, you know, brought it up. Danni immediately says she'd try it. Rafe says that he could tell Steph really wanted to eat the chicken. Which...I would point out again, you brought it up, dude, so let's not get too morally outraged or cluck your tongue too loudly. ["Hee hee, 'cluck.'" -- Wing Chun] Steph and Lydia take a stroll over to the site where the sacrifice happened, and when they cut open the blackened chicken, it turns out to contain meat that, while it may not be cooked perfectly, is certainly better than another night of whatever corn concoction strikes Lydia's rapidly deteriorating mind. As Steph and Lydia huddle over what was once the ceremonial fire, Lydia quietly asks Steph whether she and Rafe might keep her around through tribal council. Steph says she's already brought this up to Rafe, and that Rafe hasn't answered yet. One of the things I like about this exchange is that it's very honest -- Lydia and Steph both acknowledge that Lydia is highly unlikely to win the F3 challenge. That's Lydia's argument for why she should be kept, and it's Steph's explanation of why she's taken this proposal to Rafe. Lydia interviews that she thinks Steph's inclination is to keep her because she isn't a threat.

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