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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Steph and Lydia bring the chicken back to the group, and Steph offers to "say a little prayer or something, if you want." I enjoy the fact that, in arguing for the eating of the ritual chicken, Steph mentions that it's "cooked to perfection with honey." Hee. That's the way they prepare sacrifices at Ruby Tuesday, also, I believe. Rafe is the only one looking uncomfortable with the idea of enjoying the chicken. There's also a great throwaway line from Danni, who sort of disbelievingly says to Rafe, on the topic of his ambivalence, "You ate lizards the other day." Why did we miss that? And were they holy lizards? Rafe interviews that he found the ritual very powerful, and that he thought that eating the chicken would sort of spoil the sacrifice. This is one I totally see from both sides. I completely understand Rafe's squeamishness, and he's probably more officially in the right here than the rest of them. But...on the other hand, it's not like you're doing it in front of the Maya. Furthermore, as Steph points out in an interview, if you don't eat the chicken, the bugs eat the chicken. The chicken's body is going to be eaten by some predator, or decomposed, or something. The Maya haven't apparently placed high importance on what happens to the carcass, because if they did, they'd bury it, or they'd burn it to ashes, or something. You could argue that the question Lydia asked was more whether you eat the chicken as part of the sacrifice than whether they cared if you ate it later. I tend to believe in the sort of deity that would forgive you for eating Its chicken, though, and not all people do. It's an interesting dilemma. I'm not sure what I'd do with that one.

We cut directly to a madly driving storm that moves into camp. As the F4 huddle under the shelter, Steph wonders whether maybe they should "say a prayer of forgiveness or something." Clearly, the opinion has emerged that the storm results from...well, you know. "The Mayan gods are mad at us 'cause we ate that sacrificial chicken," Lydia offers. I have to say...I felt kind of evil, but that really made me laugh. Something about the phrase "sacrificial chicken" is inherently funny to me. It also kind of makes me want some chicken. Danni says that the post-chicken storm was in fact their worst one yet. Rafe contributes that he thinks the thunder god was invoked at some point during the ritual. This is where you can tell that thirty-nine days of isolation takes a toll on people. Maybe the Maya gods are actually mad at Rafe for being such a judgmental dink about not getting his car from Cindy.

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