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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

Later, tribal council. The final four file in, and then the jury enters, concluding with the lovely and recently booted Cindy. Jeff asks about the sort of day they had, starting with the ritual. Rafe describes the ritual they went through, and he says that it definitely made him feel more connected to the land. Jeff then asks Lydia about the storm, and after she tells about it, she smiles sheepishly and says that they might Everyone starts to look at the ground and laugh. Danni giggles that Lydia should explain it. Lydia starts her explanation to Jeff with the fact that they've only had corn, and Steph chuckles guiltily. Lydia goes on: " know that chicken that they gave to the temple gods? Well..." "You ate the chicken," says Jeff with comically disappointed disbelief. They fess up, and Probst is thinking that's pretty hardcore, you can tell, eating a burnt chicken out of a fire pit after it's been sent to meet and be eaten by its maker. Lydia says that they made the gods mad, and that's why there was the storm. Jeff goes back to Rafe in his customary accusatory style: "So then, Rafe, you really don't respect the ceremony." Rafe points out, as is his right, that he actually didn't eat the chicken, but Jeff confirms that everybody else did. Jeff does this, of course, while insisting that he's not judging. As if Jeff ever doesn't judge. Come on, people. If Jeff didn't judge, you could use a See-N-Say to do his job. Steph defends the decision to eat the chicken, but admits that "the storm was weird."

Jeff asks Lydia if she'd be surprised if she were voted off tonight, and she points out again that she poses no physical threat to anyone. Except chickens, I guess. She says it's pretty clear that the others have a better path to a later stage of the game if they keep her now, which is pretty hard to argue with. Asked for her position, Danni says that, while Lydia may be right, it's also true that Lydia would make a bad F2 partner, because everyone likes her. Asked for her rationale for the voting tonight, Steph says that Lydia is "a huge, huge mental threat, and she's very well-liked." On the other hand, she says, you could say something similar about Danni, because Danni's a challenge threat and super-well-liked. Thus, Steph finds the decision difficult. Not sure I'm buying Lydia as a "huge, huge mental threat," but it's not like Steph can just admit that what she's about to do is totally stupid.

Okay. Rafe is keeping his immunity, you will be surprised to hear. And now, it's time for the very limited voting. Rafe votes. Danni votes. Lydia votes. Steph votes. We see no one's vote for anyone. Jeff takes the votes to tally for the last time this season. When he returns, he reads the first vote for Danni. Then one for Lydia. Then another one for Lydia. And...last vote is for Lydia, so she's gone. She gives everyone very warm hugs on her way out. She does not wish for anyone to be eaten by crocodiles. Jeff congratulates the F3, and he sends them back to camp with the hope that they've been forgiven for eating the gods' chicken. That is certainly more uses of the word "chicken" than I would have thought a recap of this show would ever require. At least it is if you are talking about literal chickens with feathers and not, like, Osten.

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