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Two Skinny Chicks Going At It

In her exit interview, Lydia calls Survivor the hardest experience of her life, but she's not at all bitter. What kind of a jury attitude is that? Where would America be without people hating on others who succeed more than they do? Poking along as a British colony, is where.

That night, at camp, Rafe, Steph, and Danni sleep under another chicken-induced rage of the gods, although not as serious as the one earlier. This one is, like, the one you get for eating a sacrificial guinea hen. In the morning, though, they note how wet everything is as well as how enormously loud Howlie is this morning. So maybe that's what the gods are doing to them today as punishment. Locusts, frogs, plague...monkeys are on that list, aren't they? The F3 have a hard time getting the fire going so that they can boil water, and they find that the corn is moldy and full of maggots. But it's still Day 38, so that much is good news. They go for treemail, and the message tells them to pay tribute, blah blah blah. Oh, goody. My least favorite part. ["As usual, I spent it going to the corner store for snacks." -- Wing Chun]

And now, The Walk Of Dead Survivors. In this version of the WODS, the dead survivors are represented by torches festooned with pencil sketches of themselves. And as you pass each person's torch, you remove the sketch and throw it on the fire. In other words, rather than just lamenting their passing, you lament their passing and then burn them in effigy. Nice!

Jim takes a moment to say how he always wanted to play the game, and Danni notes that they never would have made it through the jungle without his old, decrepit ass.

Morgan impresses me by saying that the game was harder than she expected, not physically, but socially, which is different from the "mentally" you'd normally hear there. Okay, it's not that impressive, but I don't actually have any magician's-assistant jokes, it turns out.

Brianna congratulates herself on surviving in the jungle instead of shopping. The feminist movement sends her flowers.

Brooke was impressed at how her body adapted. ["Who?" -- Wing Chun]

Blake congratulates himself for playing with integrity for five whole episodes. Oh, and the F3 sing his "Golden Boy" song, composed by Amy. Hee.

Margaret talks about how she learned that she's very nurturing. Not of Judd, though.

Brian is proud of the way he played, and he's very glad he didn't know he was going. He still prefers a good blindsiding. You're never going to get anywhere with that attitude, mister.

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