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So That's Where He Gets It From...

Next week on Survivor: Sue tells Kelly off. Kelly is sporting afro-puffs styled after Gervase's child, styled after Holly on Road Rules. In homage to this show and to all of MBTV, I will only recap in afro-puffs from here on in.

As the credits roll, Greg attempts to look paranoid, but ends up looking goofy as he says, "A twist of fate that maybe some didn't expect, and well, some did. An excellent game. Well-manufactured. I harbor no resentment for any of you who voted for me or against me or otherwise. I feel like it's probably a pretty darn good time. Thanks, guys." This was my favorite farewell. We'll miss your antics and your zaniness most of all, Greg. And a Mooka Looka Bye-bye Ping Ping!

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