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I experience an overwhelming sensation of déjà vu as Greg says, "Rich is playing a big game. I think Rich is very clever. He has a lot of things going on in his mind that he, uh, selectively decides what he will share and with whom." Oh wait. It's the same clip we heard last week. More sneaky feet shots segue to cameramen darting behind trees to catch Greg and Richard in the incriminating act of walking on the beach. Rich tells Greg that he thinks religion is "what destroys our society." Greg announces, "Rich gets rouwnchy," which is, I think, supposed to be "raunchy," which still seems wrong since that usually means dirty or rude or something like that. Rich tells us he suspects Greg may be trying to make an alliance with him. We then see a shot of what the editors would have you believe is a love triangle with Richard, Colleen, and Greg, but which is only artful camera work, since Jenna is visible at one point. Greg tips his coconut at someone, and we're made to think it's at Richard and that that's somehow symbolic of his situation with Colleen, but it's not. He could be tipping his coconut to Gretchen hanging out over at the Pulau Tiga Bar and Grill, but we'll never know. Jenna tells us she sees Greg in a completely new way, a more devious way, and that since the move, "He's so transparently [sic] to me, anyway, I've changed my whole attitude towards Greg." It would have been good if Jenna changed her attitude towards Greg after, say, the first two times he voted against her.

We then see Greg and Colleen strolling down the beach as Greg tells us in a voice-over that the game is interesting in that you make friends with people, and then cut them loose. Jenna tells us that Greg works everyone in the group and that "he's always had Colleen wrapped around his little finger." When then get a shot of a flustered Colleen in a confessional exclaiming, "It's not like that!" which could be a response to a question whether the coconut milk tastes more like milk or like coconut, but we're made to think it's a response to Jenna's prior comment even though she couldn't know Jenna's comment unless the cameraman just baited her with it. She tries to claim that if there were girls on the island with whom she got along, she'd be in the same place. She feels Greg's her "equal." And that's the last we see of Colleen as she floats down the river of Denial in her fetching sunhat and sarong. Colleen tells Greg they're not talking about "yesterday night" and jokes that she's voting for him next time. They then both giggle. Greg tells us, "This is the game. You bring this little kitty along. You have your little kitten. And you pet your kitten and you enjoy this kitten and the kitten sleeps with you every night and then, uh, you're hungry, man, and you look right in the kitten's eye and you snap its neck. It's nothing personal. You're hungry. The kitten has to give its life for the next level." Throughout this bizarre speech, we see shots of Colleen fluffing her hair and licking her paws and playing with a ball of twine. All right, so she's just fluffing her hair, but she looks very feline here. We cut back to their conversation where she says, "What is it about your pet cat?" and that suggests to me that they've either discussed this before and that he's not talking about Colleen or that another loose-lipped camera man made $50 for this one. And for the record, no matter how hungry I've gotten, I've never thought my dog should give her life so I could get to "the next level." Kelly tells us Greg is a chameleon, as we cut to a shot of Rich and Greg all cuddlybuddly in the hammock. Rich tells us they've interacted in an interesting way that "suggests to [Richard] that he's trying something that [Richard's] very very wary of and that's great!" Jenna tells us that Rich finds Greg attractive and that Greg is playing him. Poor, defenseless Rich. Over the campfire that night, Rich "gets real personal" he asks if any of the S9 men have been with another guy. Gervase doesn't have time to be with other guys he's so busy with the ladies. Greg stutters, "I mean, just, you know, kids' stuff. I mean, you know, I mean, you know..." We're supposed to take this to mean he HAS been with other guys but I think it's more like he HASN'T been with other guys but wants Rich, who's busy nuzzling up against him, to think he has. Greg tells us in a confessional that Rich likes to flirt: "Instead of directly shutting him down I only played his game back." Greg looks demonic in night vision. Rich announces that he's surprised that Greg is the shy one on tape and Greg tells him, "I'll tell you the story later," as if he thinks he's Shahrazad and this is the condensed production of Thirty Nine Arabian Nights. Rich tells us that Greg is manipulative but not in a "bright enough way for me." He tells us he'd like to spend more time with Greg but he'd rather have the million dollars than someone like Greg around to worry about. That night as Rattana sleeps, two rats crawl on Greg. Like to like.

Back from commercial, Richard wiggles down the beach like a Butok to fetch the next challenge. He hoists a makeshift archery target onto his head and reads the poem, which tells us that the prize is something from Home Depot, because they've jumped on the marketing bandwagon too. Oh wait. It's just something from home. Kelly approaches and says, "I'm never gonna win anything around here." Self-awareness ranks very high on my list of positive character attributes. Idiot Seanvant says, "You know if it has anything to do with something from home, I'd like Jenna to win it." As if they're not sitting right next to each other. Jenna thinks it's pictures and Idiot Seanvant thinks it may be a care package. Kelly tells us that Jenna misses her daughters "terribly," in case we didn't get it from the million clips we've seen between last week and this week. The S9 practice for the challenge and Sue tells us it's very even because "these bow and arrows and these arrows [sic], none of 'em are straight." They seem to be having fun and are encouraging and helping each other. Not at all like the time I threw a dart at my cousin and it lodged in his admittedly well-padded gut.

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