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Edna Makes Her Move

Brandon's dad clearly didn't get far with Brandon, so now he approaches Coach and Coach's brother. He admits that Brandon isn't holding together well, and he wants to know who Coach is planning on taking to the final three, and is it Brandon, and if not, why not? Does he want Coach to write an essay here because that's a lot of questions? Also, he's very threatening, physically. He's built like his brother Russell, but in good shape instead of having a large belly. Maybe he should have been on the show instead of Brandon. Coach doesn't really give an answer, so Brandon's dad says that he's going to tell Brandon to just do whatever Coach says. He gets right up in Coach's face and says that if Brandon wins a challenge, he's going to ask Coach what to do. Brandon agrees with this. Coach interviews that all those Hantzes are the same, and Brandon's dad tried to bully him into dragging Brandon along for the ride to the finals. Coach literally runs away from the conversation, and then interviews that he's not going to be bullied into taking Brandon to the finals, because Brandon is a ticking time bomb, and his time on the island is almost up. I'm a little scared of the episode where Brandon gets voted off.

Immunity Challenge! In the recaplet, I said it was like Stratego. I have obviously never played that game, because it's not like that at all. It's more like Reversi or Othello in some ways. Each player starts at the edge of a giant board filled with hexagonal pieces. Every time they take a step onto an adjacent yellow tile, they have to flip that tile over to reveal the reverse purple side. No one can step on purple pieces. Eventually, each player will run out of moves to make, since they will be surrounded by purple pieces. The last player who can still make a move wins immunity.

Everyone makes their initial moves and Probst notes that, much like in the game overall, the moves that you make early on will determine your endgame. Coach likes that metaphor, and he and Probst joke about Coach doing tai chi moves for no reason. Oh, Coach. Just stop. Edna inexplicably keeps moving closer to Brandon, which is going to choke off her route. Albert and Brandon both run out of moves in quick succession. As Brandon leaves the game, he mumbles something and then talks to Albert. Probst asks what he was saying, and he says that he had a strategy to try to squeeze out "a particular person." Edna snaps that he can say her name, and then tells Probst that she had the bad luck to not be on the beach with the others on day one, so she's not in their alliance. She's so bitter about it! She should be mad at herself for just now realizing it. Is she mad at them for making an alliance without her? Or for not telling her about it until now? Does she understand what this game is about? Not to mention that Edna is terrible at this challenge. When you see the overhead shot, you can see that she totally moved herself into a corner and there's a ton of open space to her left that she could have used, had she thought this through. I don't know what in the hell she was doing, but it's not Brandon's fault that she's almost out of running room. Rick is out next, and then Sophie. But due to Edna's weird pattern, Coach has tons of room to move so Edna's days are numbered. Probst notices that Edna is getting more and more agitated, and she notes that some people have been playing like they're still on a team and they don't seem to realize that it's now an individual game. In other words, piss on me all you want, but your day of reckoning is coming. So Coach wins and gets immunity. As they get ready to leave, Edna asks Coach to "help a sister out." Brandon voices over that he opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it, but that won't change the fact that Edna is leaving tonight.

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