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Edna Makes Her Move

Te Tuna. Day 31. Sophie interviews that she is constantly trying to figure out who gains favor in terms of jury votes, and she thinks Brandon was a bully to Edna by telling her that she was going to be voted out. Rick, in an interview, compares Brandon's actions to calling a dog over and then kicking it. Is Edna the dog in this scenario? Brandon tells Edna that he didn't mean to hurt her and Edna's like, "Well, you did." Brandon claims he was just being honest and transparent, and Edna says that what he said wasn't really necessary and it was rude. Brandon apologizes and seems to wipe his hands of the matter. Edna interviews that Brandon's apology was insincere; she compares it to beating your wife and then apologizing and assuming everything is okay. Sophie interviews that Brandon seems to think that making an apology absolves all sins, and while it might work that way in church, it doesn't in this game. Well, I think most religions would say that you need to be actually sorry for your sins, and then the Lord will forgive. Brandon doesn't seem to be all that sorry.

Edna sits Coach, Albert, and Sophie down on the beach and asks them to keep her around instead of Brandon. Her argument is that they've been talking about honor and integrity all along, and Brandon has lied to them and had multiple outbursts, while Edna has kept her head down and been a great tribe member. It's so sweet that she thinks that matters. What matters is who they think they can cut loose and still get a jury vote vs. who they can beat in the finals. Anyway, Edna thinks that they've given Brandon a pass to act dishonorably towards her and Mikayla, and everyone else by disrespecting the tribe. Coach interviews that Edna made a great argument for getting rid of Brandon, and it may have changed the game.

Edna and Coach sit on the beach. Edna wants to know what's going on. Coach agrees with her that anyone can see that Edna deserves to stay instead of Brandon. But no one wants to vote out Brandon because they're worried he will come back from Redemption Island and be pissed off. Edna says that she has to ask if Coach would consider using his Immunity Idol on her. Finally someone remembered that Coach has the Idol. Coach says he can't, and that he doesn't plan to use it at all, because he knows it would be signing his own death warrant. Edna explains that she just wanted to be sure to go down fighting. Coach admires that, and advises her to go tell Albert and Sophie, "I talked to Coach and everything is cool" and see how they vote. So is he telling Edna he'll vote for her, or is he telling her to lie and see if Albert and Sophie take the bait? Because that seems like a very vague thing to say.

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