To Betray Or Not To Betray

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Asleep At The Switch

Jeff asks Judd about his dealings with people at work back home, and how that affects the game. Judd says that he knows how he "connects" with people. From being a...doorman, I guess. I don't get this, but all right. I'm actually kind of surprised he's in a job where he deals with the public, because he seems to kind of not like anybody.

Now is the time on Survivor when we vote. Brooke votes for Lydia, saying she's a hard worker, but that it's an immunity-challenge thing. Cindy votes. Rafe votes for Brooke, telling her she's "awesome," and that it's just "strategy." Jamie votes. Margaret votes for Lydia, citing "tribe loyalties." Dummy. Lydia votes. Steph votes. Judd votes.

Jeff goes to read the votes. Lydia. Brooke. Lydia. Lydia. Brooke. Brooke. Three to three. Brooke. Aaaaand...Brooke. So that's going to do it for Brooke. She gets up and is snuffed. Jeff makes a little speech about how shifts make it harder to trust you, and then he sends them off. ["You know, the whole 'Jeff's Final Thought' he does now really adds nothing to the show. Shut up, Jeff." -- Wing Chun]

In her farewell interview, Brooke comments that she had a short but valuable experience, proving herself as well as she could. She wishes the Nakum ladies luck.

Next week: Judd is a traitor! Brian doesn't refuse praying. And undoubtedly, Gary is still totally not a former NFL quarterback.

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