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Asleep At The Switch

A little later, Amy and Gary return to camp to find that they've been invaded by Nakumians. "Get the fuck outta here," Amy says. And she means it quite literally, but fortunately, she can get away with pretending she doesn't. She wants to know if the presence of the former Nakum is a joke,'s not. As Amy explains in an interview, she was doing her best to be effusively happy while shooting unhappy looks at Gary. Gary stupidly opens a conversation where he goes around and discusses occupations. Even smarter! They all chitchat about what they do. "And no football?" somebody asks Gary as Danni eyes him. "Landscaper," Gary replies. Trying to seem casual while wildly scratching his ear, which: good one, Gary asks Danni, "Who did you think I was?" "Oh, I thought that you played at Central Michigan," she says. And then Gary says -- get this -- "No, I went to Central Michigan, but I didn't play there." So he's now telling her: "You have me confused with another extremely tall man named Gary H. who looks enough like me for you to have gotten us confused, and who went to a relatively obscure Michigan college which you have, by coincidence, correctly identified, but who played football, which I did not." Is he kidding me with this? If he isn't Gary Hogeboom, he's established that he is the Bizarro Gary Hogeboom, and that he and Gary Hogeboom really need to meet, because that is uncanny! It's like meeting someone named Paris Milton, and she's blonde, and she dresses badly, and her Sidekick got stolen, but her family made all its money in rest stops, so it's easy to get confused. Danni looks completely amused and utterly unconvinced by Gary's clever charade. ["It seemed to me, in this sequence, that when they cut to Amy, she was also smirking and looking unconvinced, like she's already figured out his pants are on fire, but perhaps I'm projecting." -- Wing Chun] Indeed, in an interview, Danni's only interest is in the progress of Gary's lie, because she couldn't be more in the know that he's full of it. She guesses about Gary's motives for hiding it from everybody: "You know, you think right away, he doesn't need the money." Gary reiterates, in another interview, again, once more, that he intends to deny his Hogeboomity until the very last day: "I'm not going to blow my strategy." Well, yes, it is working like a charm, so you might as well keep it up.

Day 9, Nakum. Judd and Margaret return to find a bunch of Yaxha-ites in their camp. Jamie is guzzling wine from the bottle (I feel you) as Margaret and Judd get the lowdown on the switch. Some chitchat starts up about "Squeee!" and winning challenges. Margaret interviews that she no longer feels safe. The tribe then experiences its first rainstorm as Margaret tells us how mixed up she feels. She predicts that the old members of Nakum will stick together, but she's not sure what Yaxha is going to do. Margaret and Judd take a walk, and as they walk, he interviews that he doesn't care about the switch at all. He says that he's happy to be rid of all the alpha males from Nakum, because between himself, Blake, Bobby Jon, and Farmer Beavis, it was a "maletosterone thing." Well, ladies and gentlemen, I do love the maletosterone. It makes a nice balance to the girlstrogen. ["I thought Judd was a doorman, but he's sounding more like a glandocrinologist." -- Wing Chun] Judd says that, at the new Nakum, he's "the big gun." And then he does his King Kong impression, complete with chest-beating. Howlie: "Impressive. Are you done? Good. RAAAAAAR!"

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