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Spear Factor

Around the fire, Rupert keeps it up, complaining that Shawn lost their best meat source. Christa suggests that they can just make a pact that Shawn can't spearfish anymore. Shawn says that all he was doing was trying to help by fishing, which I think is very true. Rupert continues to whang away on how important the spear head is. Dude. We got it. Seriously. The best part of this scene is actually Christa, declaring Shawn in an interview to be "the biggest puss [she] has ever met." Heh. Presumably, there's something more to that than the spear-losing, but I'm all for random insults inserted at unexpected moments. Finally getting on the "act, don't talk" train, Rupert goes out in the water and starts searching for the spear head. Just as, I'd point out, Shawn agreed to do himself. The mournful music on the soundtrack as Rupert explains the painful loss he has suffered, by the way, is more than a little much. Unsurprisingly, Rupert finds the spear head. He emerges with it. He yells. He screams. He hollers at the top of his lungs in self-love. Unfortunately, it's right about here that I decide...Rupert amuses me, but he also irritates me. He hooks back up with Shawn, crows for a while about having found the spear, and then finally, blessedly, lets it drop already. Rupert insists that if they hadn't found the spear, Shawn would have been out of the game, no question. Okay, first of all? I don't think so. I doubt they would have booted that big, strong guy who clearly has friends in the tribe just for a situation that wasn't even necessarily his fault. Second of all, if Rupert's finding the spear head would have affected Drake's booting decisions, then they're idiots, because there's no conceivable connection between that and any basis on which you might wisely vote. I think it's basically an issue of Rupert self-aggrandizing and making everything about himself, insisting that the goddamn spear thing is as much of a deal-breaker for everyone else as it is for him. Which it's not. If you ask me, Rupert is warming up to totally overplay his hand.

With no preliminaries such as treemail or travel time, Peachy welcomes the teams to a beach for what is presumably the immunity challenge. He asks Sandra how it felt to "be a pirate," looting Morgan's tarp, and she unwisely sing-songs that it felt good. Oy, Sandra, the merge, the merge! Peachy goes on to explain the challenge, which could informally be called The Hardest Challenge Ever To Describe Concisely. Basically, you tie up three people from your tribe on a raft. That raft is tied to a pulley that the other team gets to pull on, meaning that the harder they pull, the farther out to sea your team winds up. One of your team members is charged with untying himself, then untying the two others. At that point, those three swim back from the raft, bringing with them the ropes they were tied with, as well as a little tube from the raft that has two pairs of compass points written on the inside. When you get the tube open, you take the pairs of compass points over to a circle in the sand that's marked with compass points as well. You run a rope between each pair of compass points written on your clue-tube. The ropes will intersect at a point, and your team digs in the sand right at that point, and unearths a team flag. You raise the team flag on a pole, and you're done. So basically, it's (1) people untie themselves while other people try to pull them out to sea; (2) people open the clue tube and cross the ropes; (3) people dig up a flag. It sounds unbelievably stupid, but it was reasonably suspenseful, really.

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