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Drake sits out Christa as its extra member. I think that's the wrong call, incidentally, because she has very obviously worked her ass off on the challenges on both occasions. But anyway. The main untying-guys on the rafts for their respective teams are Rupert and Andrew. Rupert will have to untie Trish and Michelle; Andrew will have to untie Ryan-O and Darrah. Peachy gives the go. Morgan -- particularly the part of Morgan that includes Osten and Tijuana -- immediately falls on its ass as it yanks the rope to pull Drake out to sea. The pulling actually seems kind of minor, and primarily, it's an untying race between Andrew and Rupert. Andrew wins, and turns to start untying his teammates. Andrew gets the Morgan folk untied fairly quickly, and he grabs the clue tube and goes. They're substantially ahead of Drake as they swim for shore. God, are they actually going to win a challenge? Fate chortles in its ennui and continues clipping its fingernails. Ryan-O takes the clue tube and starts picking at the strings that tie it. Too many hands are on that string immediately. Two people picking at a knot is a very, very bad idea. Finally, Drake comes ashore, and Burton manages to get their clue tube open with little trouble by allowing the string to unwind itself rather than picking at it with lots of hands at the same time. As quickly as it earned the lead, Morgan has lost it. Drake lines up the ropes between the coordinates and finds the intersection point. They start digging. Finally, Morgan gets the clue open. Soon, both teams are digging in the sand. Incidentally, over at Morgan, digging his ass off like he's dying of thirst and there's Gatorade down there? Ryan S. Barely exerting any energy at all, but just kind of pawing at the sand like a petulant twelve-year-old? Osten. Unsurprisingly, Drake comes up with the flag first. They raise their flag, and it's all over. Drake wins immunity. Tijuana curses to herself, Ryan-O beats the sand with his fist, and Osten just kind of stands there. It's not like he was trying, so it's not his failure to own, I guess. Drake savors the victory, cheering and clutching the immunity idol. Peachy tells the demoralized Morgan tribe that they need to get back to camp and prepare for tribal council. Again. Burton and Rupert embrace. And then they make out. Okay, not actually.

Commercials. Oh, Cuba Gooding Jr.! May this movie be better than Snow Dogs.

It's a rainy afternoon when Morgan returns from the immunity challenge. Andrew interviews that the tribe is "devastated." Rain plunks on the ocean waters as the tribe suffers over the devastating decision regarding who should go. Yes, even the rain seems to know that this is the Camp of the Damned. Osten has a proposition for Ryan S. Namely, Osten wants to quit, and asks Ryan to vote him out. Ryan interviews that, at first, he found this shocking, but then he realized that it made a certain amount of sense, because Osten just didn't have the heart to stay around.

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