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Spear Factor

And now, it is time for the tender love story of Rupert and the Sea. We see him spear-fishing, and he tells us that he "love[s] being in the middle of a giant fish tank." A yellow fish comes up to the camera and opens its mouth wide. "Woooo!" it says. "Fish rule!" A pincushionfish -- apparently an escapee from a Dr. Seuss book -- swims by. Rupert explains that he loves being able to go out and bring fish back for the team. There is fishing. Later, happy Leon Redbone-esque music plays as Drake sits around a campfire and enjoys what genuinely looks for all the world like a beach party. All they need is a volleyball net, a keg, and the unmistakable wail of police sirens. Rupert delivers a lecture to Burton about the fact that the tip of the spear can get loose at times, so before he fishes and while he's fishing, Burton should make sure that he keeps it tight. In a weird interview in which Rupert just begins to chip away at my abiding love for him, he refers to it as "my spear" and talks about how he'd rather do all the fishing himself than worry about loaning the spear to these boneheads. As much as I'm with him on the bonehead issue, the spear isn't actually his, and that attitude is going to get really old. Rupert insists in a voice-over that he needs to eat meat, so he can't afford to have the spear gone. Unfortunately, he's eventually going to have to accept that he's going to sink or swim with his team, and that nobody's perfect, including himself. Which he doesn't seem to realize right at the moment, unfortunately. Drake members announce that their food is good, and that they're "full." It's safe to say they're probably about as well-off in terms of sustenance and morale as we've ever seen a team at this point.

Meanwhile, at the Camp of the Damned, Ryan S. hits the Correspondence Canoe and brings back the entirely non-arboreal "treemail" for the day. He voices over that this challenge is a "super big one" for him personally, because he's managed to earn an early reputation for slacking off in challenges, so he needs to hit this one hard. The treemail indicates that it's a reward challenge, so of course the members of Morgan high-five each other, dreaming of the finer things, like Ho-Hos, clean undies, and feather pillows. And, of course, some emergency substitute team members who suck less than the ones they have now. Ryan S. interviews that he has to come up with something extra for the challenge, or he'll be screwed. He protests that he may not even have the necessary strength "harnessed away in this poor little body." Well, he's at least got self-awareness going for him, I suppose.

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