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Spear Factor

The trials of Ryan S. continue as he puts the mask back on, dives under the water, and immediately tears the mask back off and resurfaces. It looked from the cascade of bubbles coming from his face like he never got the mask on right, so it filled up with water when he dove. Basically, the kid has mishandled the mask rather badly, and his indecision over it seems to be his biggest problem right now. His team looks on miserably. Burton runs up the beach and hands off to Shawn, who runs into the water. Ryan S. -- having ditched his mask again and trailing it in one hand -- dives below again, and this time, he finally comes up with the goblet. Andrew looks on disapprovingly. "He has displeased me," Andrew ominously grumbles inside his head. Shawn adjusts his mask and dives for the pearls, snagging them without too much difficulty. He resurfaces just as Ryan S. makes the dive for the treasure chest. Unfortunately, the chest is far enough away that he doesn't make it, and he bobs to the surface. Humiliating him now and for all time to the point where people will insult him from open car windows, Peachy yells out that Ryan S. can bring the goblet back if he wants and hand it off to the next person, who will presumably try to drop it in the chest. I guess the deal is that each person can only grab one item, but other than that, you can do it however you want.

As Shawn deposits Drake's second item in the chest, a despairing Ryan S. swims for shore. When he arrives, he hands off the goblet to Ryan-O, who takes the goblet but tosses aside the mask entirely. And there's really no nice way to say this, but somebody apparently missed Ryan-O's wonderfulness completely flying out of the front of his shorts as he runs into the water. (In my defense, I would not have noticed this, of course. It was pointed out by the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters. It's not like I sit on the pause button looking for this sort of thing. But once you see it? There it is.) Rupert takes the handoff from Shawn and heads out. Wearing, you'll note, the mask. A despondent Ryan S. -- knowing that he's most likely sealed his fate -- sits behind his team on the sand with a long string of snot dropping from the end of his nose. He's wet, too, but water's not, stretchy. (Ch-ching! I just scored the Recapper Bodily Fluid Identification Bonus! It's about time somebody got it besides Aaron.) Ryan-O and Rupert get back out to the buoys at about the same time. Ryan-O goes for the chest to drop off the goblet, but he has some trouble opening it, along with some trouble with his shorts, which drop down to his knees, providing another opportunity for the visual dance party that is the pixelizing of a bare ass. He can't get the chest open, so he goes back up to the top, and then we see Rupert grab the candelabra off the bottom. It appears that Shawn left the chest open, because Rupert is able just to drop the candelabra in. Finally, the still-pixelized Ryan-O gets the chest open and deposits the goblet that Ryan S. procured. Rupert returns to shore and tags Christa.

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