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Spear Factor

Christa dives to the bottom and emerges with a silver plate. She comes to the top, bobs, and dives down to the bottom again to dump it in the chest, dangling the mask in her hand. So it is, I guess, possible to do it without the mask on. She comes back to shore, and Ryan-O goes to the bottom to get the pearls. Back on shore, Christa hands off to Burton, who apparently is allowed to go again. He runs out to get the last item. Ryan-O returns to shore and passes off the pearls to Lill. She swims out in her Boy Scout shirt and her white undies. Back at home, her troop gets a group rate for therapy. Meanwhile, Burton grabs the gold bowl off the bottom. He dumps it in the chest and closes it. He returns to shore, so his teammates can now all turn and swim out to retrieve the chest. Lill has grabbed the candelabra for the badly trailing Morgan. Drake, however, has converged on its treasure chest, preparing to drag it to shore. Lill has apparently gotten the candelabra into the chest, and she returns and tags Andrew. Drake continues dragging the chest. Andrew grabs the plate. Drake drags their chest up onto the shore. Andrew, not having even bothered to put the plate in the chest, brings it up on shore in no hurry whatsoever. You know, we've seen enough teams blow these challenges in various ways (getting the wrong thing, etc.) that it seems to me that you never stop trying like that, just in case. But Andrew is all about the opposite of leadership and giving about 60%, I suppose. Anyway, in this instance, Peachy confirms that Drake has correctly completed the challenge. They all hug and congratulate themselves in that way they're developing that could potentially come back to haunt them if Morgan ever actually won any challenges. Of course, this doesn't currently appear to be anything Drake needs to worry about. Peachy hands over the first buried-treasure clue to Drake. He also reminds them that they'll be sending an ambassador over to Morgan later to steal something. Morgan sits miserably on the beach, undoubtedly blaming Ryan S. for all of their misery, not that most of the rest of them didn't do almost as badly.

Commercials. It's so good to see Cindy Crawford working again.

Fanfare for the Common Survivor -- which does not at all infringe on any copyright owned by the estate of Aaron Copland -- welcomes us back to the Pearl Islands, and specifically to the camp of the victorious Drake tribe. They open their treasure clue, which has some typically low-rent poetic instructions that rhyme and make no sense. Burton explains that their "hands are tied, because it's high tide." Yeah, that and the fact that they don't have enough information to find the chest anyway. Drake then enters into a discussion (including the annoying expression "in agreeance," which seems to be stalking me) about what Morgan might have that could be worth taking. Shawn suggests that one thing that would be really useful would be a water jug (they have one already, but they want another). Jon counters that he'd rather use the opportunity to hurt Morgan, and he believes that it's possible that they have more than one water jug, so taking one wouldn't hurt them. What might hurt them, he suggests, is taking their tarp, if they have one. Rupert insists that it isn't necessary to hurt Morgan, implying but not saying that you don't need to go out and hurt a team that appears not to be able to spit without hitting itself in the face. He's right, but Jon is also right in the limited sense that if you take something the other team really wants, then if they get the opportunity to raid your camp, they're likely just to take it back, rather than take something of yours that you really like. Like, I don't know, the spear. The team elects Sandra to go on the raid, and Michelle quite correctly interviews that she was happy not to have to go, because it's essentially impossible to do that without putting a big target on your back. Rupert gives Sandra a big hug and sends her on her way to Morgan.

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