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Spear Factor

On to the next subplot. As the various members of Morgan set about rebuilding the shelter, Osten announces to Andrew and Ryan-O that when they shelter is rebuilt, he might just decide to quit. He claims to be "spent." Andrew lectures in an interview that they need people in the tribe who are "digging this game." Wow, thanks for visiting from the set of The Joker's Wild. He says that quitters are bad for morale (duh). Tijuana pulls Osten aside to try again to keep him on the island. She tells him that the game is mental, but he once again insists that the cold and rain will give him pneumonia. Sigh. Tijuana asks him to stay, not just for the tribe, but for her personally. "We're here in this together," she says meaningfully. "[Chicka-bamp]?" asks a quiet voice inside Osten's head, feeling an odd stirring in its hips. Tijuana interviews that she thinks she said all she could, and that now, whether he quits is up to Osten. Osten walks on the beach at sunset, posing for a greeting card called "Sometimes Life's Difficulties Are Hard For Us To Understand."

Commercials. I wouldn't go see a movie with The Rock in it if my eyeballs were frozen and I lived in Antarctica and the power was out forever and the theater was the secret location of the only existing battery-powered eyeball-warmer. ["Snob!" -- Wing Chun]

Back at Drake, fish are plentiful. Shawn is taking a turn with the spear. When he comes up on shore, he delivers bad news to the tribe. Basically, as he was fishing, he managed to lose the tip of the spear, and it's now either somewhere under a rock or it's swirling around in the tide. Having spent quite a bit of time looking for it, he's now given up. "My spear is dead," Rupert spits, once again chipping a little piece off of how much I like him. He berates Shawn for not having brought back the tip with him, and Shawn says that he looked quite a bit and wasn't able to come up with it. In an interview, Rupert ridicules Shawn, saying that it's impossible to have legitimate problems with current in their inlet, which is "a bathtub." Moreover, anyplace that has high and low tides has movement of the water, so Rupert is full of it, as I'm beginning to think he not infrequently is. Back on the beach, Rupert tells Shawn that this is why he wanted to be the only person who used the spear: "You lost my bag and you killed my spear." Yeah. You know, I hate to say it, but I can begin to see how, if Rupert isn't careful, he is going to bug the living crap out of me in about a week and a half. Shawn sucks it up and tells Rupert that he didn't do it on purpose, but that he understands that Rupert is mad. He suggests that they continue looking for it rather than standing around talking about it. Rupert returns to abusing Shawn about having lost the tip.

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