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The Heroes arrive at Tribal Council. Probst takes them to task for voting a strong player like Stephenie out when they need all the physical strength they can get. Except that the Heroes actually won their first post-Stephenie challenge, which was entirely based on strength. Shut up, Probst. Tom says that Stephenie was unlucky because she didn't happen to be a part of a majority alliance. Probst frets that if the game is all about alliances, "great people will go home early." People like, oh I don't know, Probst's best friend Colby? And superman Tom? While weak women like Candice and Cirie get to stay? Colby says that seems to be case right now. Probst asks J.T. what the "wisdom" is in voting strong people out just because they happen to be in the wrong alliance. Seriously, Probst? Hasn't he hosted this show for ten years and twenty seasons now? And he still can't get over his disappointment in the fact that big strong morons are targets? Does he really honestly think it's unwise to vote out individual immunity threats early even if it means a greater chance of losing the group challenges, especially after the past THREE seasons where a minority and/or loser tribe going into the merge managed to basically run the rest of the game? J.T. says he thinks it's "too early" to vote out people they need to beat the other tribe, but adds that everyone in their tribe is a good player and there are reasons why everyone should stay. He says he's basing tonight's vote on sticking with the people who stay true to their word and don't get scared into switching their vote at the last second.

Probst asks Rupert the same question. As soon as Rupert begins speaking, I want to punch him in the face. I don't even know why anymore. I just hate him. He says he's desperate for their tribe to bond and work together to win challenges and he wants to vote accordingly. But, he adds, sighing sadly, he made promises to people that he feels compelled to keep because he's just that awesome of a guy. Probst says it sounds like Rupert is saying that he's voting for someone he'd rather keep around just to keep his word to his alliance. "Wow. What part of that makes sense?" Probst asks. As much as I hate Rupert, that does make sense. Being in a majority alliance is more important than having a team full of super-strong men, especially when you're Rupert and your toe fell off on Day 1, meaning that if your tribe starts picking people off based on how bad they are at challenges, you'll be going home sooner rather than later. Rupert tries to answer, beginning "sitting here at Tribal Council sucks," only for Probst to angrily interrupt with "you're part of the reason!" If you want to attack the contestants on this show, Probst, maybe you should be a contestant yourself or a recapper and not, you know, a supposedly unbiased host and producer, who has every reason to persuade the contestants to vote the way he thinks will make his show the most interesting.

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