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Probst asks Cirie if she's worried that she could be going home tonight. Cirie says she's always worried. Probst asks Tom if he thinks Cirie is telling the truth, because Probst obviously wants his boyfriends Tom and Colby to stay in this game tonight at the expense of Cirie, as she is not a big strong man and thus shouldn't be allowed to walk the earth, let alone participate in this game. Tom says he doesn't think Cirie is truly worried. Colby says he's honestly worried, and that it will take a "bold move" by another one of Probst's boyfriends to save him. Probst then turns to his final Heroes mancrush, James, and asks him how he's voting tonight. James claims that he's voting in a way that will help his team win because, you know, he just wants to win, y'all. Awesomely, Tom can't help but call him out on that, asking if he's truly going to base tonight's vote on keeping the team as strong as possible. James says he is, and he wants everybody to "stop all this crazy stuff" and start winning challenges. Probst asks what he means by that, and James says he means the social game, which is a distraction that he doesn't partake of. Because he doesn't have to. Until it bites him in the ass like it did in China and would have in Micronesia if he hadn't cut his finger first. Also, what game does James think he's playing right now? Because, with very few exceptions, a good social game has always been a key component to winning Survivor. Colby says the social game is kind of important to people who are being targeted. "It's not fun, but it's necessary," he says. James has nothing to say to that because he's an idiot and also because he has no intention of voting in a way that will keep the tribe physically strong despite what he just said. Probst asks J.T. if he's worried about going home tonight. J.T. says he isn't because he thinks he's aligned with truly trustworthy people.

With that, it's time to vote. Candice votes for Tom, adding that she's worried she might be the one leaving tonight. Tom votes for Cirie, saying he loves her as a person, but he knows she's "way too good" at this game and has "wrap[ped] some of these weak minds around [her] little finger." So true! Amazingly, it took three turns on this show before she was in a tribe with someone who realized it. J.T. votes last. We only see him write a "C" on his paper, so it could be anyone. Except Rupert, god damn it. Probst returns with the urn. He's ready and raring to go with the vote-reading, so Tom has to jump up and interrupt him, speechifying that he wanted to wait to use the idol until it could be used as a tool against the Villains, but sadly, that's just not going to happen, as he must instead use it to save himself. He hands it to Probst, who makes his hidden idol speech before pronouncing Tom's idol the real thing. He then reads off three votes for Tom, none of which count. Then it's one vote for Colby. Two votes for Colby. And then one vote for Cirie, who might be thinking "oh ... shit" right about now. Then, two votes for Cirie. One vote left. And it's for ... Cirie! NO! But also, awesome. Basically, Cirie just got Cirie'd. She's done this so well to so many contestants before her that I guess I can't be too upset when it happens to her. And it's always fun to watch Amanda be completely dumbfounded once again by a blindside. Tom and Colby, on the other hand, look relieved and satisfied. J.T. appears nervous, which makes sense since he just turned what is still a majority alliance against him, although I have faith in his damage control abilities. Candice and Rupert shake their heads in stunned disbelief. As for Cirie, she takes her ouster well, waving sadly at her tribe and walking away.

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