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Community Idol

Rob asks the group what they should do next. Sandra wants to find it and throw it in the ocean, since that worked so well in the Gabon season. Although I doubt Sandra watched that season or any season after her own, so she wouldn't know that. She proclaims that whoever possesses the idol is "marked" and will be voted out ASAP and thus forced to play it to flush it out of the game. "It's not fair for one person to have an immunity idol," she says. Right, Sandra. Because this game is all about fairness. With that, Rob decides to go work on the new shelter with Douche and have nothing to do with the idol. Li'l Russell interviews that his tribe is "too dumb" to look for the idol and they're "a bunch of idiots." Not really, but even if that was true, what's dumber -- making a group decision not to look for the idol or being the one person who tries to sneak off and go against that group decision in the most obvious way possible, thus earning the rest of his tribe's ire? Also, I like how Li'l Russell immediately assigned all the credit to Rob even though it was Sandra who said she didn't want any one person to have the idol. Even when she's cussing people out and threatening them, she still manages to stay under the radar. "If I can find that hidden immunity idol, I will become powerful in this game!" Li'l Russell says. But Li'l Russell, I thought you were the king of the entire island? So surely you already have power?

And so, while Rob and his cronies (a.k.a. the rest of the tribe with the possible exception of Jerri, who doesn't seem to be around, and Danielle, who is invisible) work on creating a tent (a.k.a. Shelter #14) using their twine and the tarp, Li'l Russell heads off to look for the idol. But how can he look for it without arousing the tribe's suspicions? Easy! He just yells to them "I'm going for a walk" and takes off. Towards the beach. Where everyone knows the hidden immunity idol is located. Rob immediately states the obvious: that Li'l Russell is probably looking for the idol. He calls to Sandra and orders her to stop collecting firewood and start following Li'l Russell. She obeys, making sure to drop another angry f-bomb on her way out: "let me look if he's down the beach, 'cause if he is, he's fucked." Sure enough, as Li'l Russell digs around some tree roots while wearing just his baggy red boxer briefs and baldness-concealing hat, Sandra spots him, despite his best attempts to hide in the bushes. It's hard to hide from people when you're being followed by a camera crew, Li'l Russell. "He's a stupid ass," Sandra declares. Ha! I love Sandra. She reports back to Rob, saying that Li'l Russell just "sealed his own fate." OH PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE TRUE PLEASE. Rob, Courtney and Douche state that they agree with this, but it still sounds too good to be true. "Russell's a bonehead," Rob interviews; "it was like the Hobbit on crack." AHAHAHAHAHA! If I'm not careful, Rob might take my recapping gig away from me. I never would have thought of "hobbit on crack." Rob says he doesn't trust Li'l Russell and wants to get rid of him "right away." Don't you dare get my hopes up, Rob!

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