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Community Idol

Yes, we will see. Because we then see a shot of a spiderweb, which means it's time for Cirie to lay her trap. Amanda tells Cirie what's going on with Tom and how they're leaning towards voting Candice out instead of Tom or Colby. "That is the dumbest thing," Cirie says, slapping her forehead. She asks if Tom's offer to give the idol away was followed up on. "No," Amanda whimpers. "Oh, Amanda," Cirie says, telling Amanda that she's basically trying to save the same people who desperately wanted her out as early in the game as possible and who are a much bigger threat to Amanda than Candice is. "This is so stupid," she says. Amanda just stands there, unable to respond because Cirie is totally correct. Cirie interviews that while she loves Amanda and all, "she is not the sharpest tool in the shed." Ha ha ha! I love Cirie. Forever and always! She says her alliance is full of wishy-washy people who panic and change their plans at the last minute without really thinking things through. Well, that's because most of them lack the ability to think things through. This is one of the drawbacks of forming an alliance with really stupid people. Cirie holds court with the stupider members of her alliance, arguing against getting rid of Candice. But she makes a critical error when her outrage causes her to speak loud enough for J.T. to hear from his hiding spot behind a tree. Rupert mutters about how Cirie is right while J.T. frowns.

He runs off to talk to Tom, telling him that Cirie is convincing the others not to vote for Candice. Tom sighs in an interview that he thought he had tonight's vote in the bag, but it turns out that Amanda can't be trusted when confronted with things such as logic and common sense from Cirie, who he calls "the puppetmaster." Colby meets with them as J.T. suggests getting rid of Cirie tonight. Tom thinks of a way to accomplish this: if J.T. changes his vote from Colby to Cirie and Tom plays his idol, then the three votes against him won't count, there will only be two votes for Colby, and three for Cirie. Oh no! But it is the smartest possible move for everyone in the tribe except Candice. I love Cirie, but if I was playing this game with her, I'd want her gone IMMEDIATELY. That said, I don't know that I'd trust J.T. to be the deciding vote that kept me in the game, but Tom and Colby don't really have a choice at this point. "Tomorrow we make our apologies. Tonight we make our move," Tom says. J.T. interviews that he knows how Cirie plays this game and that as a big, strong guy, his days are numbered. He says his gut says he should go with the majority alliance and not make any waves right now, but his heart says he should keep "good guys" Tom and Colby in this game and get rid of Cirie. As they head into Tribal Council, he says he knows how everyone is voting except for himself.

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