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Ash Wednesday

Probst asks Grant if he's worried that there is apparently a two-woman voting bloc and he isn't in it. Grant says he is, but he also has to keep the faith in his allies and hope they come through for him. When a million dollars is on the line. Sure. Moron. Probst asks Rob if Redemption Island is a factor in who he's voting out tonight. Rob says no, because it's pointless to speculate about Redemption Island since no one knows what it even is or when it will end. He, for example, thought it ended at the merge. And it didn't. Probst then asks Rob what is getting him through this game after 35 days. Rob stands up and turns around, and for a second I thought he was going to moon Probst, which would have earned him my jury vote right there if I had one. But no, he just points to the picture of Amber and his daughter on his back. He says he loves them both and that Amber "made tremendous sacrifices" so he could be on the show again. Like what? It's not like either of them is holding down a steady job. Rob says he's "so close" to winning, but with so much up in the air still with just a few days left in the game, it feels very far away. Probst asks Grant what gets him through this game, like anyone of us care about anyone's family except for Rob's. What's this? Grant has a fiancée? Was she on a reality show? No? Then fuck her! Grant starts crying as he talks about her, and Ashley pats him on the back. Probst has had enough of this, so he talks to Rob again, asking him how "big" tonight's vote is. Shockingly, Rob says it's the biggest vote of the game so far. Because every vote is the biggest one so far.

They vote. Grant votes for Natalie. Ashley votes for Grant, having kinder words for him that he ever had for her. Probst returns with the urn. He asks if anyone would like to play his idol. Rob does not. Probst reads the votes. Natalie gets one, and then Grant gets three. He doesn't seem that surprised. He stands in front of Probst to get his torch snuffed, and you can really see how big Grant is standing in front of him. Probst sends Grant to Redemption Island, and on his way out, Grant promises he'll see them "shortly." Yes, he will. And so will I, as the next episode (and last!) is in just a few days.

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