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Ash Wednesday

The tribe returns to camp. Ashley has a huge smile on her face. Rob does not. He interviews that the one thing he didn't want to happen just happened. "All of the sudden, Ashley's a freaking genius," Rob says, apparently believing that you need to be a genius to fit rib pieces in a giant fish skeleton. Might I remind you that Phillip came in third. And he's no genius. I think. Rob says this was obviously Ashley's evil plan all along and that he is now forced to vote Grant out even though he considers Grant a friend at this point. He tells Ashley and Natalie the plan, and they readily agree. He says this will make him "the bad guy," and heads out to tell Phillip the plan. He interviews that no matter what happens or how he plays this game, he ends up doing the "dirty work" because "everybody else is too stupid to do it." Sure. Or they're too smart to do it. Grant isn't going to be mad at Ashley when he's voted out, is he? No, he'll be mad at Rob, the self-proclaimed smartest guy on the island, who will get all the blame and none of the jury votes. Rob tells Phillip that they're voting for Grant, then asks Grant if they should vote for Phillip or Natalie tonight. Rob complains to us that this is "a lot of work. It's exhausting." Meanwhile, all the other "idiots" don't have to deal with any of this, do they? I'm just saying. Riding Rob's coattails may be boring as hell for us to watch, but it's not such a bad strategy. Hell, it won Amber a million dollars.

And so, Rob goes through the motions of plotting with Grant who to vote out tonight between Phillip and Natalie. Grant decides that Natalie is better person to vote out than Phillip, since Natalie has that alliance with Ashley and Phillip isn't friends with anyone. Rob agrees and they shake on it. "Blindside!" Grant smiles, while Rob looks kind of sick. Grant interviews that it's actually okay that Ashley won immunity today, since Natalie is going home tonight instead. He doesn't think Rob is lying to him, he says, since he looked him in the eye and shook his hand on it and got the vibe that Rob was being truthful and would never betray him. Grant says he can't wait for Tribal, where he's sure his name will appear twice, followed by three votes for a surprised Natalie.

Two "little waiters," as Ashley describes them, suddenly appear with Ashley and Natalie's food. Ashley and Natalie head off to eat their meals. Ashley appears to be enjoying some nasty Survivor pizza and nachos, while Natalie has some kind of pasta dish and desserts. They divide everything up amongst each other and enjoy the hell out of it. For a while. Soon enough, they feel pretty sick. But Natalie is still grateful to Ashley for picking her to share in the reward. Meanwhile, Rob and Grant, so jealous, mutter that they hope the girls get sick from the food and/or choke on it. Rob interviews that he's starting to worry that Natalie and Ashley might be getting "too close for comfort," much like he did with Amber and he decided that Andrea was with Matt. "A couple is very powerful in this game. Even if it's two girls," he says. And he isn't wrong, as Ashley whispers to Natalie that it might be in their best interests to team up with whoever comes back from Redemption Island against Rob and Phillip. Natalie has nothing to say about this, because she has nothing to do with strategy on this show. Instead, she interviews that she was hoping Ashley wouldn't pick her for the reward because now she's stuck between her loyalty to Rob and her bond with Ashley.

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