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Bungle in the Jungle

At Tagi Day Eleven, Richard's out in the ocean fixing up the Styrofoam. I'll give him this: He works hard. Or else he's just a camera hog. Over at Pagong, they're dragging brush. Pagong drags a lot of brush. Today Ramoaner feels more like part of the group, and she doesn't know why. Gervase says he wants to win because of "pillows. [He likes] the pillows." Ramoaner carries a log behind her back with one hand while Gretchen struggles to bear the entire weight of the log, plus the weight of Ramoaner's arm, as she holds up the other end. Reminds me of when I pretend to carry stuff with my boyfriend when we move, but really just let him do all the work.

Just Peachy is now hanging out of the side of a little plane with a shit-eating grin on his face. When Peachy comes on-screen, my dogs leave the room. Well, the smart dog leaves the room; the other one walks in two circles, then sits down, then gets up, then walks in two circles, then sits down again. This time Peachy says that the tribe whose distress signal is "most clearly visual" will win the challenge. Earlier, he said the "more creative" signal would get the booty. In my notes I have written, "Stupid asshole." I can't think of a better way to say it now. Kelly yells out, "Da plane! Da plane," when it circles over Tagi Beach, where they've written, "Tagi is Groggy" in the sand. They redeem themselves by donning yellow rain slickers and forming a circle on the beach that looks kind of like a flower. They then count time and raise their arms and legs, and it appears that they're synchronized swimming on dry land, another activity which I'm sure Rudy enjoyed. Actually, I thought this idea was relatively clever, and of course the editing job gives us no idea who to credit. Peachy reads Tagi's message aloud for Dirk and Susan's kin, watching on the farm and in the trailer park.

When the plane flies over Pagong, we see that they're still confused about being at summer camp, instead of on a survivalist game show. They are running around cheering; I'm surprised Jenna didn't request a set of pompoms to go with the spice rack. Greg is begging on his hands and knees, and I'm so sure Colleen is getting tired of seeing that. Ramoaner runs around and looks pretty while waving the team flag. We then see that they've made a giant happy face in the sand and I exclaim, "Pathetic!" which makes my challenged dog Pandora, which does sound a bit like "pathetic," get up and start walking in circles again. After doing another pass over both beaches, Peachy tries to build some suspense by twice telling us that he has "conferred with the pilot and dropmaster" and that they're in agreement. He says, in short, that the Tagi bodies gave good distress. At that moment, the trunk of supplies gets tired of Peachy and jumps ship. Dirk is not very gracious and begins chanting, "We got the spice rack! We got the spice rack." Richard says, "How 'bout a big 'Aw' for the other team." This show puts the "Aw" in "audience," if you ask me. Richard then pounces on the knife and says, "It's where you'll always find it, around my thigh." Aside from the ew-factor of that statement, why do the other members of the team allow Richard to usurp power this way? So far he's claimed the fishing spear and the knife without one objection. And no one's getting near that thigh.

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