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Bungle in the Jungle

At Pagong, Jenna says she really wanted some garlic. Probably to keep Joel away when he creeps up next to her in the tent at night. Colleen is definitely the type of girl who is used to getting her own way; she pouts and says, "I didn't like the final decision for the S.O.S. game. I thought it was quite silly. I mean, a smiley-face, give me a break." Once again, we have no idea upon whom to pin the damn stupid smiley-face idea, and I find this very irritating. And besides, give me a break, give me Nell Carter and that pesky little Samantha, and I'll be doing much better shortly. As foreshadowing drops by in the form of a giant wave that wipes out Pagong's smiley-face and their entire supply of condoms along with it, Ramoaner says, "I hate to lose. It sucks."

Richard is all sneak-this and plot-that and blah blah blah alliancecakes. Susan says lackadaisically of alliances, "You're gonna have that," because being evil comes naturally to her. Because of the way this is edited, we have no idea of the sequence of things, but at one point, Rudy tells the group that he thinks there'll be alliances later on and the others are all like, "Yea, maybe, I dunno" about it. Kelly's a case for the medical textbooks, proving she's both brainless and spineless in saying, "Rudy's kind of crabby, but he's a lot better to get along with, you know, than the two boys. I mean Rudy, at least he's honest. You know, he'll tell you, you know, 'up yours' in a second." I don't think Rudy really says, "Up yours." The three decide to let Rudy in on the alliance, but Rudy has a little something known as "moral fortitude," which is apparently foreign to these parts and tells us, "Somebody said that if you wanna sorta gang up against somebody you oughta talk about it to get rid of him but, uh, I don't agree with that so I'm not doing it. I don't know about the rest of 'em." Richard later says, "I think until the next segment the three of us would work together really well," and Kelly responds, "I trust you completely," which proves that she's either really stupid or she thinks the others are really stupid. We then get a shot of Susan snickering. It's hard to tell if this is a response to Richard or Kelly's statement, or to a joke Sean told over dinner three nights ago. In a confessional, Richard says something that includes the word "trustworthinesswise" and Sue cackles back, "Three of us against the world." Odds: One billion to one, in favor of the world.

At Pagong, Ramoaner tells us, "I haven't had a white friend since, like, junior high school. And I really can feel having, like, my first white friend in a long time." After hearing from both Gretchen and Gervase (back in the inner tube), who say Ramoaner has changed, Jenna tells us that Ramoaner changed her work ethic, but not her attitude. As she earnestly says, "It's a little too little too late." Ramoaner, who still does not appear to be working very hard and moves pretty slowly, says, "This is what I'm like every day, when I'm feeling, like, at 100%. I'm feeling good about being part of the group. Hopefully everyone sees [sic] like, wow! This is Ramoaner, you know, this is what, like, 100% Ramoaner can offer to the team." I think we need about six-million-percent Ramoaner to make a dent, here.

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