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Balancing Act

Monica's strategy is that she will stay stiff and the passer will just toss her around. Sounds weird, but it seems to be working as she is nearly to the end of the line. The men only have three people left, but two fall in and have to start over. Monica finishes and Christina starts going. With Monica's encouragement and instruction, she seems to go pretty quickly, but it's too little, too late as the men finish first. They all jump in the water in celebration and grab the Immunity idol. Sabrina whispers to Monica that she did a good job. Yeah, they should have listened to Monica from the start and they also should have put their stronger players to go first down the line. Nina shakes her head and says that this challenge is emblematic of how things have gone for the women: no communication and no teamwork. Monica interviews that Kat jumped in for no reason TWICE, and Monica is embarrassed because this is not how women in general are in real life. Thank you for acknowledging that, Monica. I like you. I hope you stick around.

The women return to camp and Sabrina calls them all together to rehash the challenge. I'm not sure what good this does, other than, I guess, let them get it all out in one go instead of having muttered conversations around camp. Anyway, Kat apologizes for her lack of communication and says that it was a really hard challenge. Kat adds that she always wants to be the one to rev up the tribe and bring it home. Sabrina acknowledges that the "rah rah girl" is a necessary role, but "logic and strategy trump rah rah." In other words, you are dumb, so stop trying to take on roles that require some sort of brains. Sabrina interviews that Kat is young and emotionally out of control, and they need control on their team. Sabrina adds that Nina is the one on the chopping block. Back at the team meeting, Sabrina says that she doesn't think it was one person's fault, but someone has to go home tonight anyway.

Nina interviews that everyone is saying that it wasn't Kat's fault, when it was totally Kat's fault, and she's dumb. Nina and Monica go to get water and talk about how the two of them plus Christina are on the outside of the alliance, so they'll be the next three to go home unless they can switch things up. Nina's going to vote for Kat. Monica interviews that she's so low on the totem pole that she doesn't even think it's worth it to go to the alliance and suggest ditching Kat, so she's just hoping they see how worthless Kat is on their own. Why not go to them? What do you have to lose? Nina and Monica have a conversation about how their tribe is being led by twentysomething idiots and it's embarrassing, and Kat should be the one to go home tonight. I'm with them except for the ageism. And also the fact that they are just bitching about it but not coming up with a plan of action.

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