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The tribe sits around by the fire. Kat is running into people with her butt and laughing. Nina sits with Chelsea and starts a whisper campaign about how Kat is an idiot and she's making the rest of them look dumb. She actually uses a smart tactic when she says that Chelsea is too smart to let this happen, and she can fix it. Have you ever noticed that Chelsea looks exactly like Emily Van Camp? I expect her to have a photo with her tribemates faces on it and every week, she crosses out a face with a red Sharpie. That would be awesome. Anyway, Nina says she's voting for Kat.

Chelsea and Kim go out for a walk. Kim looks like someone famous too. Maybe Kim Raver when she was less blonde? I don't think that's it. Anyway, Chelsea explains Nina's point of view, and says it's tough to argue with it. Kim agrees that Kat blew the challenge, and that Nina deserves to stay more than Kat does, but also adds that they need the trust of the people in their alliance, and ditching Kat won't help matters. Well, I think they could get Sabrina on board, and then who cares what Alicia thinks? She needs them more than they need her. And then maybe they can start winning some challenges and they won't have to vote anyone else out. Or promise Alicia that Christina will be next to go after Kat or something. God knows Kat's not smart enough to set up a countermove in the next few hours.

The women file into Tribal Council and Probst tells them that they're five days in and they're off to one of the worst starts in the history of Survivor. Really? I don't see that. I'm too lazy to do the research, but I'm confident that there have been many times that one tribe didn't win any challenges at all for quite some time. And I don't get the dysfunction that he keeps talking about. If you've ever been on a team that loses, it's tough to turn things around. What turns things around is a win, usually.

Anyway, I read this Probst interview and Probst's views on women on this show were made crystal clear, especially this response: "Talking with my friends about this over the years I've come to the conclusion that women understand themselves and don't seem to waste time fretting too much about what is often inevitable. We've heard the same story nearly every time we've put women together: some form of dysfunction. I think there is probably some element of this game that favors the men initially simply due to the physical demands and maybe that has an impact on the women causing initial dysfunction -- then again maybe it's just great casting! Thanks, Lynne Spillman!"

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