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Heidi, Queen of Snots

Dave now explains the Zen of Fishing, as he and Roger have discovered it. They're working in tandem, and generally they've adopted a strategy in which Roger catches a fish, and then Dave takes that pole and hands Roger a fresh one while Dave unhooks the fish. By the time Dave has the fish unhooked, Roger has another one. Interesting technique, that, but really, the point of this sequence is that Dave is really sexy in it. Yes, while explaining fishing. Yes, in a segment involving Roger. I don't know. The other major development in this section of the show is that Peachy asks the guys whether they think there's any chance that the women are outfishing them, and the guys all say it's entirely possible, and they take nothing for granted. That's how you know that the guys are playing the game well right now -- they're adjusting to what they already determined to be their weakness, which was overconfidence. I do have to give the guys a lot of credit for how they're doing this week. They've done a great job of forming a workable team strategy, to the point where there really aren't any obvious outcasts or misfits anymore, and they've gotten over the crippling cockiness that was both making them lose and making them really unappealing.

As the end of the hour approaches, Peachy tries to make it look like Jaburu has caught up near the end, but it's pretty clear that the guys have been doing better with the fishing than the women have. At least it looks that way to me. When they've finished and returned to the dock, Peachy sets up the big weigh-in with all the suspense he can muster. The women dump their fish onto the scale, and then the men dump theirs, and then Peachy lets the scale go so we can see which side weighs more.'s the guys. By a lot. So it's back to camp for the struggling Jaburu, and it will be time to figure out whether to vote off someone who's functioning, or to vote off the woman who's so weak she can barely stand up. The guys are smiling, but the women are not smiling, as we head into the commercial break.

A couple of toucans bicker as we sweep back into Camp Jaburu. (Toucan #1: "Oh yeah?" Toucan #2: "Yeah!") As Shawna walks across the camp, she gets a sudden blinding dizzy spell and drops to the ground abruptly. Showing that the milk of human kindness is as absent from her as everything else that's useful, Jenna barely even notices Shawna taking a dive. ["Neither would I; that faint was fake, or at least really exaggerated to make herself look extra-feeble." -- Wing Chun] In an interview, Shawna says she feels relieved to know that she might be voted off. She knows it doesn't sound good, but those are her feelings. We see her in the shelter, lying on her back while Jeanne tends her with a damp cloth. Where are her Skeevil friends now, I wonder? Jeanne voices over that she'll be voting to send Shawna home, just because she's gotten so weak. "She really needs to get her health back," Jeanne says sympathetically. Shawna interviews that she knows Jeanne and Joanna are voting for her, and possibly Christy, and she hasn't decided whom she's voting for. She feels like she's been "bumped from the alliance," so she's not really checking with them about what they're doing anymore.

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