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Peachy reads the votes. One for Joanna, one for Shawna. Two for Joanna. Two for Shawna. Three for Joanna. Four for Joanna, and that's the ball game. No showing the last vote. Joanna brings her torch to Peachy, who snuffs it. The tribe has spoken. SNUFF! Joanna leaves. Jeanne shakes her head in disbelief. Peachy tells them that although the tribe seems to have it together, the vote shows some signs of trouble. He tells them to go back to camp and think about how bad they were. And no dessert.

Next week: Dave and Jenna go on a date. Oh, Dave.

Under the credits, we see Joanna explain that she was too strong, so they voted her out. As the votes are shown, it turns out that the Axis of Skeevil minus Shawna but plus Christy all voted for Joanna. Jeanne and Joanna voted for Shawna. And Shawna? Voted for Christy. I think that was an effort to throw her vote in a way she knew wouldn't matter, so I think she really did want to go home and was hoping that by breaking from the Axis, she might win the vote. Joanna starts singing during her goodbye speech. It's so you won't miss her so much. Worked on me.

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