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Well, hello there, Mr. Goodbar
Previously on Survivor: Alicia will always wave her finger in Kimmi's face, which will take a mighty long finger to stretch from Australia to Ronkokoma.

Thunderstorms greet Kucha as they hike home from Tribal Council after unanimously voting off Kimmi. All of heaven's pigs and chickens must be crying. When the tribe arrives at camp, they discover that their fire went out in the storm. Rodger tells us they had to find their warmest or driest clothes when they got back, and that a lot of them wore their pajamas to Tribal Council, which was a mistake. Jeff tells us it sucks as things for Jeff mostly do. Elisabeth says there's nothing worse than being cold and wet but I can think of several things -- including being burned and wet -- that challenge that statement. She then giggles and says, "Stick a fork in me," which I always thought referred to overeating. As the camp goes to sleep in their rainy shelter, Jeff says, "Goodnight, Jim Bob," which is a reference to The Waltons I think, and not to Rodger, who would make a good Jim Bob. We then see an ominous shot of the tribe's "Welcome Home" sign.

Mike tells us on the morning of Day 16 that it's amazing that "eight city people" can live off the land and that his outlook on life has changed 180 degrees. He then says, "And I'm this kind of guy. I'm this guy. You know, this should be nothing to me." He says that if he lasts another sixteen days, "Who knows what's gonna happen to me?" and then a little piglet runs by with a sign tied to it's tail that says, "We know what's gonna happen to you." Alicia tells us that they've started to think ahead to the merger, which is four days off. Jeff tells us that the game started with sixteen people and so far they've voted off six. Nick then continues the explanation by saying that Kucha has six remaining team members and Ogakor has five, and that if they win the next challenge they'll enter the merger six to four. At this point I become convinced that Friends must be a repeat tonight and so they're explaining what's happened thus far to the three new viewers. Jeff tells us Kucha is cocky and, "It's fun to beat them and make fun of it. It's fun to have them talk about how hungry they are and us to go in there and win all their food. That's fun!" What about tearing out their eyeballs and feeding them to Mike, Jeff? Because that's fun too!

At Ogakor, Jerri checks the tribe's flour rations in the company of Lamber and says, "I could get three tortillas out of that," but that instead she'll make two. Even though tortillas don't weigh much, I still don't enjoy being hit over the head with them. Amber is upset that the other team is eating eggs and Jerri calls them bastards for that. Jerri then says she "fear[s] she might go psycho" without chocolate. In a confessional she tells us that she had a discussion with Colby about chocolate and how it releases the same endorphins as sex, and that since none of them are having sex, it's probably why they keep talking about chocolate. I think it's really unfair that they put a graphic content warning before the "Mike falls into the fire" part of the show but in no way attempt to prepare us for the "Jerri talks about chocolate and sex" segment. I may never eat chocolate again.

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