Trial By Fire

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Well, hello there, Mr. Goodbar

Back at Ogakor, Jerri and Lamber strut down the beach and Jerri hikes up her shorts to show more leg. Keith tells us that Jerri has decided they're going to have fried green tomatoes and points out that they're cherry tomatoes. We then cut to a shot of Jerri telling Keith, "I can tantalize our taste buds with fried green tomatoes this evening" and looking really proud of herself as usual. She then rubs her hands together and makes her Long Nosed Jerricoot face. The Long Nosed Bandicoot, by the way, is a rat-like creature that also squeals while pondering food. Keith says that fried green tomatoes aren't made with cherry tomatoes. My guess is something is made with cherry tomatoes, however, and since I haven't seen him trying to make that something, it's seems like a case of sour tomatoes. He says he wanted to let the green cherry tomatoes ripen on the vine, but that Jerri didn't listen to him. Jerri then calls Keith pessimistic and criticizes his rice-making skills and they get into it, though less finger-wavingly than Alicia and Kimmi did last week. Colby tells us that Keith and Jerri are "like two alley cats scratching at each other" and that's its ridiculous that the others have to sit through it. I think it's ridiculous, too, but not as ridiculous as Tina jumping in and yelling, "Stop it! Both of you! Or you're going to time out!" In a confessional she tells us that she's not their mother and that sending them to time out isn't her job. "To be honest," she says, "I think one of the problems needs to go." That problem is named Jerri and Tina is tired of walking on eggshells around her. At camp they're now eating the little fried green tomatoes. Colby says they taste just like okra and I think they look just like brussel sprouts. Neither makes then a particularly appealing entrée. Even if they are fried. Tina complains that they're sour and won't eat anymore which seems like kind of nitpicky behavior in light of the fact that they claim to be starving. Keith tells Tina, "The fried green tomatoes suck. I knew they would. Poor Colby stomached all of them, including mine. Told her they were great. 'Cause Colby is a gentleman. But I do not like 'em." I'm sure Keith was talking about the cherry tomatoes here, but it's edited so we think he's talking about Colby. Keith's monologues crack me up.

At Ogakor, Skelator -- I mean Jerri -- runs in her bathing suit to check the clue, which is about not "walking in the park" and being "afraid of the dark." One person will lead the tribe, and the winners will have a picnic while the "losers will have none." Lamber and Jerri are very excited about the picnic. As they return to camp, Jerri sprints ahead and Lamber runs behind her clutching her little bandeau top that won't stay up. Jerri says she's excited for real food and thinks there's going to be dessert. Lamber likes sandwiches, which reminds me of my husband's favorite song, which goes as follows:

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