Trial By Fire

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Well, hello there, Mr. Goodbar

Ogakor catches up during the bucket challenge but we don't really know how, considering Colby and Tina are carrying the team because if there was something to run into, Lamber and Keith have done it. I don't think we see either of them even move. Jerri has her team go through most of the challenge backwards. Nick prefers the side shuffle. Maybe one of the tribes will soon do the hokey-pokey and turn themselves around. Colby gets pissed at Jerri because she's giving directions to Keith and Lamber who have run into the sawhorse while he just stands there waiting for further instructions at the water pump. Jerri starts yelling at him and Tina, "Fill up your bucket!" She then tells them to, "Dump your thing in!" Nick is shouting so much he's lost his voice. I keep waiting for Rodger to see the light and sign out, "What am I doing here with these losers?" on Peachy's hand. Jerri then starts yelling at Colby to "fill the wheelbarrow!" She can see and she still can't tell a wine barrel from a wheelbarrow. The dramatic music begins to play as Ogakor's bucket overflows. Lamber gets to the team's picnic basket first, follows Jerri's voice to the lifeguard stand, and just freezes. Jerri tells her to go backwards and Lamber forgets to say "Mother May I?" and takes a few backwards steps so that may explain why she doesn't move for the rest of the competition. Lamber just keeps groping around without moving her feet and Jerri keeps yelling, "Lamber, behind you!" which obviously didn't help her the first ten times Jerri said it.

Meanwhile, Kucha has filled their bucket and is, as a team, rushing towards the picnic table with their basket. It's difficult to figure out where the rest of Ogakor is as Kucha rushes behind Lamber and puts their basket on the table. Peachy declares "the team with heart" the team with Dureet Toes, and Lamber peeks out from her blindfold to see how close she was. She then puts her blindfold back on. Rodger comes over and tells Kucha, "Y'all have no idea how close that was," and they probably didn't until they watched the episode. As Kucha dances while eating the Dureet Toes, Colby throws a bucket of water on Jerri. They use slow motion for this. I wish they'd rewound and sped through it and rewound and sped through it a few times because that would have saved me the effort of doing it on my own. Jerri tries to laugh it off like she's in on the joke, but Colby's really pissed. Really, if someone deserved a bucket of water being thrown on them, probably it was Lamber. But then again, maybe Colby thought Jerri would cackle and melt down into a little green puddle. The "picnic" consists solely of Dureet Toes and Mountain Do, which is really kind of sickening. I'd feel gypped. If feeling gypped were politically correct, that is. And "gypped" is in my spellchecker.

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