Trial By Fire

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Well, hello there, Mr. Goodbar

At Ogakor, Jerri checks the treemail and says, "Oh, no," in a very unconvincing voice. She then musters a more convincing "Oh my God." Ogakor cheers as Jerri heads back to camp with what they think is a clue until she says, "It's a little disturbing." She then reads, "There has been an accident at the Kucha camp and one of their members has been evacuated. As a result there will be no immunity challenge today and all five of you will continue to the merge." Lamber bleats an "Aaahhh Maaaaahhh Gaaaad" with happiness in her voice before she realizes this is supposed to be a sad moment. She contains herself for about one minute and then starts wondering what it means for the merger. She also says she hopes the injury wasn't a snakebite. Keith and Colby seem sincerely concerned.

Back at Kucha, Elisabeth tells us it was "strange" and "hard" as they were telling Mike good-bye and that the second he was gone they "decompressed." She tells us through tears that as the tribe gathered around, "his eyes were just locked on [ours]. Locked." Rodger tells us that unless "somebody jumps boat in middle stream, which is possible," that they're going to stick together as a team. He says that Mike's accident has taught some of them that there're more important things than the million dollars. Jeff tells us that the merger will be intense and that Ogakor must feel relieved. He says, "I mean, I think they're good people. And I think that they're gonna feel bad and sincerely have compassion for us and for Mike," but that because they didn't see, experience, and hear it for themselves, the feeling of "oh my goodness" will be replaced quickly with relief. He tells us Kucha wasn't going to lose that night's challenge and so they would have merged ahead, but now they'll go into it even. Then, since he's gone about ten minutes without threatening to kill or eat the other tribe, Jeff says, "We're gonna kill 'em. We're gonna eat 'em up and spit 'em out and that's the way Mike would want it to be." Jeff tells us that was the last thing Mike said to them, and I wonder if he used those exact words. Elisabeth has borrowed Jerri's funky glasses in honor of the serious occasion while the team cooks rice and looks pensive. Through gently filmed candlelight, Rodger blesses the food and prays that the Lord will be with Mike and with the doctors to "fix his hands so that they will once again be returned to normal." He asks for blessings for Mike and his family, and also for the "ones remaining" in Kucha. We end with a quiet team moment and an "Amen."

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