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Trojan Man

Probst asks Jim what happened, since John's memory has blanks due to the trauma of not doing very well in a challenge. Jim says John basically threw his hands up at one point and just stared at Jim helplessly. Probst asks John if this kind of thing happens to him often. John claims that he's usually "calm, cool, and collected," but once again, this was a "new experience" for him and he clearly cannot handle new experiences. And then he says that the tribe believes they're merging tomorrow because it's "historical precedent" on the show. I've seen some historical precedent where everyone thinks a merge is going to happen and acts accordingly, only to get screwed over when it doesn't. Has John seen those seasons? Maybe he should. He adds that they're hoping Redemption Island will "work in [their] favor" and give them even numbers again, assuming the merge does happen and the person on Redemption Island returns to the game at that point.

Dawn is asked for details on how Redemption Island is supposed to "help" the tribe. She says they're hoping that "whoever" goes to Redemption Island beats Christine and returns to the game and Savaii so they'll be even against Upolu. Dawn also manages to pronounce both tribes' names incorrectly, so, nice one, Dawn. Probst says this plan confuses him, even though I'm sure the producers have been telling him about it all day now, and why should John return to the tribe that votes him out? Ozzy says John isn't - Ozzy himself is the one "putting [his] life on the line" here. Yeah, don't be too over-dramatic or anything there, Ozzy. John can't help but grin at this, while Jim and Keith scowl. Ozzy says he had a dream, and in that dream the merge happened and Ozzy returned to the game and it was awesome. So he thinks this will help him find the redemption he thinks he needs after Parvati kicked his ass out the last time he played. He says he didn't listen to his "heart" and his "gut" then, so he's going to do so this time. Too bad they're both saying the stupidest stuff to him. He says this is the "ballsiest move" he can think of and the "biggest, craziest game" he wants to play - especially when he has an idol.

Of course, Probst stops him right there to see Ozzy's precious idol. Ozzy says he's going to tell Christine that John idol'd him out of the game, thereby making John "the villain" and "the double agent." John giggles. "What if we don't merge tomorrow?" Probst asks. Ozzy says that's always possible, and he could be leaving his tribe to face another challenge without the great and powerful Ozzy to lead them to victory in it. Keith still isn't on board with everything, saying he thinks it John's "time" to go. The blonde girl weighs in, saying Ozzy is a powerful force on their tribe that they'd hate to lose for just one challenge. Probst asks Jim for a worst-case scenario after the duel, and Jim says if Ozzy loses the duel, they'll be without Ozzy and without the numbers. With that, Probst says it's time to see who has the stupidity courage to vote someone out who already wants to leave.

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