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Trojan Man

But then! Ozzy staggers around the forest and reminds us of his promise to John to direct the tribe vote Ozzy out in the hopes that he would beat Christine and give Savaii a numbers advantage. And after "some crazy dreams" last night, he's decided to do just that. Wow, I've done some pretty stupid things in my dreams - like accidentally wearing my pajamas to the mall - but nothing this dumb. Ozzy grabs the idol out of its hiding spot and puts it on to make a "grand entrance" back at camp. "You're amazing," the blonde girl says upon seeing Ozzy's idol. Really? Amazing? Really? Has she never seen something that is actually amazing before, so she has nothing to compare this to? That's the only explanation I can think of.

John takes a look and totally wants to keep it. Ozzy says he "might" just give it to him, and John's eyes light up. Sure enough, Ozzy announces that he's "kinda thinking" of asking them to vote him to Redemption. Jim asks John what he thinks about this. Gosh, I don't know, Jim. Probably really, really excited? Or that Jesus does not love Upolu so much as he loves John, because this is a freaking miracle. John interviews that he was quite pleased with Ozzy's decision, while, in the background, heroic music plays. Keith and the blonde girl aren't so thrilled about this, but they can suck it since it was their votes for Dawn that sent Elyse home and I think are why Ozzy is doing this now.

Keith gives a rare interview and says that if Ozzy is voted out and the merge doesn't happen as soon as they've all decided it will, then they're really screwed. Not only will they be stuck with John still, but they also won't have Ozzy. Fair point, Keith. Jim says basically the same thing in another interview, and the tribe leaves for Tribal Council.

As usual, Probst opens with Ozzy, asking him about his post-challenge temper tantrum and if there was any "finger-pointing" when they all got back to camp. Ozzy laughs that there sure was, and John was the subject of most of it. Probst asks John to explain himself, and John says that Dawn and Keith tangled the rope and he "panicked" and didn't know what to do. Uh... un-tangle it? I don't want to side with Ozzy here, but it's really not that hard. "I remember ... uh ... looking up at Jim," John says, like he's recounting war memories and not something that happened yesterday and is really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of life. John says it was his "worst nightmare" and he was humiliated.

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