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Back at camp, Robert insists that he's only been true to himself and claims, "I keep my word to me." He tells Rob, "I told nobody [sic] nothing." Then, making for yet another possible TWoP t-shirt slogan, he concludes, "I'm The General, and that's that." Rob tells us that the game is difficult because they're constantly looking for new angles, and that everyone is lying. Sean explains in a confessional that, five years ago, he would have been worse than Rob and probably would have wanted to push John into "that freakin' fire." Hee. Should that not be funny? He's upset now, though, because he and John have shared the bonds of blackness and gayness outside the game. He says they have "self-disclosed stuff" to each other, and that John's deceit is "really hurtful" to him.

Neleh deliberates over what outfit to wear to Tribal Council, then Kathy smells a flower and then rests her head in Robert's armpit, which must result in a most delightful fusion of scents. Kathy tells us that Rotu is back to this "love tribe/happy family thing," but she doesn't know if they're sincere about it, and it's "flippin 'her out." John then feeds Kathy some line about Day 1 being different from Day 21, and they hug. She tells us she has to keep telling herself it's a game to maintain the "kissy and love-y" feeling.

Tribal walk, followed by tribal trill. Peachy welcomes and congratulates them: if they survive tonight's vote, they are guaranteed a place in the jury as well as a chance to be the winner of the game. Peachy wants to know whether there's a different mindset post-merge, and Vecepia says it's different to compete as a group compared to one-on-one. Duh. Sean says he feels like "the outsider" because the merge is a reunion of old tribe members; his mood is a mixture of emotions, but he can't speak for the others. Who knew he could even speak for himself? He then says, "Since I came over, I felt like..." and Peachy cuts him off to ask Zoe about what Sean just said. Sean twitches while Zoe basically says she's sorry that he feels that way, but it's his problem. Robert says he'll never do anything to compromise his values because he's "not a youngster" and his "word is all [he's] got." I wished he'd say "I'm The General and that's that again," but he didn't. He should really just say that anytime someone asks him anything. Peachy points out that John told him earlier in the game that he'd always be honest. John says that his "personal rule" was that he'd talk to anyone about anything as long as they're truthful with each other. He says that when another member of the tribe agrees to one thing and then wavers, though, it's the same as lying. Rob is happy with the way he's played; he doesn't even pause before admitting that he's lied during the game. Peachy wants to know whether the others have lied to him, and Rob answers that they definitely have. He says that "people sitting here telling you right now that they have not lied -- they have lied." They know who they are, so he feels no need to out them, which is totally inconsistent from his ranting earlier that everything was coming out. I think someone got to Rob. In any case, he says that they need to be able to look at themselves in the mirror. If they're happy with the way they've played, it's fine by him. Peachy now reveals that there's a new facet to the game: whoever wins immunity "own[s]" it, which means it can be given away to another member of the tribe for any reason. No one looks surprised by this information, so maybe they knew the change was coming. Kathy says that after what she went through today, she's most certainly not comfortable giving up the necklace. She says that she thinks their original loyalties are gone and she hopes to work through that with the others, but right now immunity remains very important to her.

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