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And so, the vote: John votes for "Boston Rob" because he tried to stir up trouble. He says he knew from the start that Rob was not trustworthy, and also claims that Rob "attacked [him] personally," so he's more than happy to cast this vote.

Rob votes for "Johnny" and congratulates him on playing well. Still, he hopes "things swing right," and that John will soon be gone; he'll see him on the "flip side."

As Sean casts his vote for John, he says, "Yo, look here man." He claims that John "dissed [him] and [his] boy," and he doesn't care if he's the next to go because of this vote. Jeez, I kind of, dare I say, respect him for that one.

Vecepia votes for "R.M." because they came into the merge without the right numbers; she says she'll soon have to pony up and give all the former members of Maraamu pizza and beer. So the tribe must have made a bet that the last standing member would buy the others a meal. She doesn't apologize for casting the vote, which seems kind of crappy, and I wonder what she'd do if it had been her and God and the numbers had been wrong?

So Peachy has tallied, and there's little suspense. Two votes for Rob lead to a pleased look from Zoe and a smug look from Neleh. John actually laughs when his named is called the first time, and Rob look just a little bit hopeful while Sean looks sideways at John. One more vote for John, a couple more for Rob, and a surprise vote for "Z.Z.," who is Zoe. She shakes her head and looks perplexed. Then Rob gets his fifth vote, and it's all over -- no need to read any more. John snickers. He doesn't eat a Snickers, but I'm sure that comes later since Snickers is a sponsor. Rob grins and wishes the others luck, then shlubs off into the night. Peachy congratulates the others for -- after a series of terrible choices -- actually getting one right. He says they've made it twenty-one days, reached the final nine, and the victor's fate is in their hands.

In case you were considering ordering a hot pink tribal buff, but were concerned that people would mistake the buff for a bandanna, you should be aware that the "buff" is visibly labeled as such. Likewise, all my hats are clearly marked with the word "Hat."

Next week: Zoe continues to lie -- badly -- to Kathy. We're supposed to think Neleh is upset with Paschal, but most likely she's annoyed at someone else. Then Peachy tells the S9 to go fly a kite.

Over the closing credits, we learn that Kathy cast the vote for Zoe. Then Rob confesses his love for all the others, and hopes they can still be friends. Go on, Rob, tell me another.

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