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We now join Rotwo on Day 19. John craves pork as he tells the others that the island probably has a "bunch of pigs runnin' around." Robert and Zoe laugh, while a dead-eyed Rob looks on. In a confessional, Rob tells us that his tribe is "a bunch of morons," and that he's had it with them. As we see Vecepia walk over and plant a big, slurpy kiss on John, Rob tells us in voice-over that Vecepia is fake and that it drives him crazy. He knows it's part of the game, but he still hates it. He complains that, at the other camp, he always had an "ace in the hole" -- is that what kids are calling it these days? -- and laments that he has no such thing at Rotwo. Then Sean drowns in waist-deep water because Rob is hogging the life raft. Okay, so Sean doesn't drown and actually manages to stand in the water quite successfully, as Rob tells Sean that they don't know if the other members of Rotwo will keep their word. He says they might vote Kathy off as promised, but they also might vote off Sean or himself to strengthen the power of their foursome. In a confessional, Rob tells us he's been stuck in a "road block situation" for the last ten days, and that he can't around it. He says he's tried going up one side, and then the other side, and maybe it's time to dig a hole right through it. He doesn't say, "It's too high to get over (yeah, yeah); too low to get under (yeah, yeah); I'm stuck in the middle (yeah, yeah); and the pain is thunder." Nor does he call anyone a vegetable. Nor do any of the other tribe members suddenly appear and start caterwauling, "You've got to get yourself together you got stuck in the moment and you can't get out of it. Don't say that later will be better 'cause you're stuck in the moment and you can't get out of it," to which Rob would most certainly respond, "Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! Here I am stuck in the middle with you."

Subliminal scuttling crab footage. Who knows why?

Back at Maraanu, it's time to check the mail. Paschal retrieves a very long clue about being "left in stitches" and "sew[ing] up the reward." It also advises them to "choose wisely" and to wear long sleeves and pants. A map is enclosed, which the chosen tribal representative will follow. Since Paschal is blind, and since it would be pushing their luck to choose Neleh -- who rose to the clue-reading occasion, (because reading is FUNdamental!) -- to apply map-reading skills, Kathy is Maraanu's obvious choice. Or at least you'd think Paschal was blind and Neleh illiterate because neither one has once expressed any interest in assuming a leadership role. That's not to say that the blind and the illiterate are incapable of assuming leadership roles -- just that the blind and illiterate are less likely to successfully navigate unfamiliar terrain based on a non-Braille map. See how P.C. we are here at TWoP? We never call children shifty. In any case, Neleh suddenly realizes, "One of us has to leave." Because to her, the clue was just a really challenging word problem.

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